sliding office file storageYour business has records. Lots of records. Where do they all go? Does your office have filing cabinets shoved in every corner? Are your oldest files stacked in boxes at the very back of the warehouse? Finally, are you ready to get on top of all your records and files? Sliding file storage is the way to do it.

Creating a clean, organized, and productive office space is more important than ever. Sliding file storage can transform your office by allowing you to bring all your records together in one well-organized space. Sliding office storage makes it easy for your employees to find the records they need quickly and easily while also freeing up valuable space

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What Is Sliding File Storage?

What sets sliding office file storage apart from your run-of-the-mill filing cabinet is the ]addition of a sliding track. Your filing cabinets are placed on the track, allowing your employees to move them from side to side. The beauty of this configuration is that you can place a second row of filing cabinets behind the first row.

For example, you can place four filing cabinets against the back wall of your office and then place three sliding filing cabinets in front of them. Employees can move the front cabinets laterally on the track to access the filing cabinets in the back. But why stop at two rows of cabinets? Businesses with high storage needs can even add a third row of sliding track file storage.

sliding file storageWhat Are the Benefits of Sliding File Storage?

Can adding sliding file storage cabinets to your office really transform the way your business manages its records? The answer for many companies is an enthusiastic yes. Here are just a few benefits of sliding file storage.

All Your Records and Supplies in One Place

Many businesses stick their filing cabinets wherever they can find a bit of extra room. This means employees may need to wander around the entire building to find the records they need. A sliding office file storage system allows you to keep all of your files and other supplies together. Ideally, you’ll put them near the employees who need to access them the most, saving time and improving productivity.

Better Organization

It’s much easier to keep your critical records organized and easily accessible when they’re all in one place. Instead of stashing them into drawers or putting them in the wrong filing cabinets, you can ensure that records are well-organized so everyone can find them. Issues with your filing system may also become apparent when you can bring all your files together in one place.

sliding track file storage cabinetsSaving Space in Your Office

Space is at a premium in every office, especially for businesses that need to find room for a large number of records. One of the biggest benefits of a sliding track file storage system is that it can dramatically reduce the space taken up by your storage cabinets. By doubling or even tripling up on your cabinets, you can free up space elsewhere in your office. This can allow you to cut down on storage costs or find room for more employees and equipment without moving into a bigger space.

Prioritize Your Files

Many businesses prefer (or are required) to hold onto older or inactive records. Though these files are rarely needed, it can be critical to keep them around just in case. Sliding storage systems really come in handy here. They allow you to place your less active or closed files in the back cases while keeping your active records in the front row of sliding file storage cabinets, where they will be easily accessible. This way, your employees can quickly grab the records they work on the most while still keeping your less active files handy whenever they are needed.

How Can Sliding Storage Increase the Workplace Efficiency of Your Office?

Are your filing cabinets scattered all over the office? Imagine how much longer it takes for your employees to find the records they need when they have to go on a long search for the right file. The time they spend searching for files is time they can’t spend on higher-level work, and it also breaks up their workflow.

records management sliding file cabinetsKeeping your records together in a well-organized sliding track file storage system will allow your employees to quickly and efficiently grab what they need and continue on with their work. They’ll complete projects faster and meetings will move along more smoothly.

What happens if you need an old file but can’t find it? Many companies store their inactive files in the most inconvenient place in the office. These older files may even live in unorganized boxes at the back of the warehouse! In a crisis situation when you need to refer to an older file, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to find. A sliding office file storage system allows you to keep all your files together, even your rarely used records.

Finally, don’t take the space-saving capabilities of sliding file storage for granted. Offices that are cramped and cluttered can slowly drain employee morale. In contrast, a well-designed office with clear traffic lanes and plenty of open space can help employees feel more energized and motivated.

This all adds up to a higher level of productivity among your employees, which can positively affect your bottom lines. When you give your employees the tools to do their job better, like sliding file storage, everyone flourishes.

Where to Find the Right Sliding File Storage Solutions

If you want to transform your records management system with sliding office file storage, then Southwest Solutions Group® has the products you need. We offer a variety of different shelves (including slimline filing cabinets, Tambour door storage, and more) that can hold files, records, boxes, and office supplies. We can also help you design the right sliding storage system for you, whether you want two rows of lateral shelves, three rows, or something more unique. Tell us about your storage needs, and we can help make your office more efficient. Contact us today.