Manually managing items every day is a time-consuming process that wastes human resources. Items need to be checked in, signed off, checked back in, and be fully accounted for; human error and the sheer difficulty of manual management leave items vulnerable to loss or theft. High security automated cabinets provide a solution with controlled-access asset management that keep stored items secure and accounted for all without the need for manual management.

High Security Automated Cabinets

The high security automated cabinets are ideal for virtually any asset storage application, and are often used for storing items such as jewelry, small firearms, pharmaceutical drugs, keys and media, and much more. Each item is secured within an individual compartment in the drawers. The users simply identify themselves using biometric fingerprint, proximity card, or username and password, chooses the item they’re retrieving on the LED touchscreen, and takes the item from its compartment, which pops open automatically. Users can only take items they have been authorized for ahead of time, and every transaction is recorded on a dedicated wireless camera for viewing at any time by the system manager. The whole process only takes about ten seconds, and is leaps and bounds more secure than manual management of items. Alerts can be sent to the user and system manager if items are not returned on time for an extra measure of security.

Though the automated cabinets themselves are a fairly new concept, they have already been installed in many areas of business and helped achieve efficiency and security goals. Here are just a few of the applications they have been used in so far.

Securing & Managing Security Guard Firearms

A business facility needed a better way to store, assign, and track the firearms of forty-seven security guards. Done manually, it required 24 hours of manager supervision to take out each firearm, sign it off, and make sure every firearm was returned by the end of each guard’s shift. This tedious process was eliminated with the installation of one high security automated cabinet with five drawers and 54 compartments in total. Now, every firearm is automatically tracked and verified without the need to manually sign for weapons. Click here to read more about this application.controlled-access asset management

Automated Key Management System

An organization was having trouble manually storing and tracking over 600 of their highly sensitive keys. Keeping track of them was time consuming, a waste of human resources, and virtually impossible, but it needed to be done somehow as the keys require constant management. With just one of the high security automated cabinets with six drawers (and the ability to add more later on), key management suddenly went from a stressful endeavor that left them vulnerable to a variety of risks to a very easy and secure task. Click here to read more.

Automated Lockers for Personal Items

A military defense system integrator needed a way to store and secure personal items for about 1,000 suppliers and guests to their facility every day. They needed a way to store a wide range of items, such as laptops, cell phones, firearms, and USB disks safely without requiring the constant presence of supervisor. Previously, their manual management of these items took four minutes per transaction; with the installation of two high security automated cabinets, each transaction now takes about fifteen seconds. The company even managed to save $120,000 per year with the installation of the two cabinets. Click here to find out how.

Tired of Manual Asset Management?

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