How to Improve Your Office Space Usage

Office space: it’s a big problem for many businesses today. Workplace needs are only increasing, but many businesses can’t afford to expand or lease extra space. Employees feel cramped at their desks and dread sorting through small, disorganized areas for items they need. An uncomfortable workplace leads to decreased morale and productivity.

Luckily, you can implement plenty of easy and cost-effective solutions to save space in your office without expanding or leasing. By simply organizing your office, you’ll discover so much space that you weren’t using efficiently before. These storage solutions can help you give your office a new look and a new level of usability to promote productivity among employees.

High Density Storage

office space savings high density shelvingHigh density storage is an increasingly popular solution across nearly every industry. If you have a lot of shelving, this is a great alternative. Think of how much space you could save if you got rid of the aisles between every row of shelves. This would easily cut your space in half. High density storage does exactly that, converting your empty space into productive space. Click here to learn more about high density shelves and watch videos about how the system works.

Sliding Shelving

sliding shelving space saving office storageIf high density storage isn’t in your budget, sliding shelving is a great solution for smaller spaces. The shelves are mounted on tracks and slide back and forth instead of using aisles. Click here to view sliding shelves and buy them online.

Rotary Cabinets

These cabinets provide two-sided storage and are a perfect alternative to lateral file cabinets, which quickly eat up space. The cabinets revolve 360° for double the amount of storage in the same space as conventional file cabinets. Click here to shop for rotary cabinets online.

Mailroom Sorting Modules

Mailrooms can get messy fast. Mail sorting modules and mailroom casework help you organize your materials and encourage productive workflow at the same time. Click here to shop the huge variety of mailroom furniture solutions available online.

Portable Workstations

Maybe cubicles take up most of your floor space, or you’re running out of room to accommodate employees comfortably. Employees may not even use all of the cubicles you have available, which just wastes more space. Portable workstations fold up into a small profile and fold out again just as easily when they’re needed. This makes setting up collaborative meeting spaces or extra cubicles fast and easy. When you’re done, simply fold them away. Click here to learn more and watch how the portable cubicles work.

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