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End tab filing products – systems reduce your labor costs. More than 80 percent of the cost to maintain paper records is in the personnel time used retrieving and replacing documents in the filing system. Color-coded shelf filing systems can cut labor costs up to thirty percent over traditional drawer filing systems. Studies have shown that the personnel cost to handle records averages over 20 times the cost of the records themselves. A quick calculation of the hours spent by administrative personnel multiplied by their salary data will give you an idea of the labor costs associated with your filing system. Your biggest cost savings will be in the personnel time saved by using a more efficient end tab filing system. It has been proven by documented studies (State of Michigan,, and others) that color coded end tab filing systems are 30% faster than drawer files. Contact us for additional information at [email protected]

End tab filing products – systems use less space. Shelf filing systems use less than half the space of traditional drawer filing systems. Maximize your records storage space with open shelves to obtain the highest ratio of records per square foot possible. Drawer filing systems waste office space because you need room to allow for drawers to be opened to access the files, and since records in drawers must be below eye level to be visible, additional space is wasted by not utilizing comfortable high space. If you could double the capacity in the same room, then maybe you could eliminate the off site record box storage costs. Maybe you could consolidate two rooms into one room and create that extra conference room you need. Contact us for additional information at [email protected]

End tab filing products – systems eliminate lost or misfiled records. One lost or misplaced record will often delay, inconvenience or require work to be redone by more than a dozen people. Executives spend an average of three hours per week looking for missing information, and the estimated cost of every “filing mistake” is over $125. Clearly, reducing the number of misfiled documents has a dramatic cost savings to any organization. The reduction of the personnel anxiety associated with misfiled records is an added benefit. Less stress among office workers makes for a more productive workplace. Contact us for additional information at [email protected]