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End Tab file cabinets – Why they are a better solution

Color-coded file systems assign colored labels to certain key letters or numbers of the file name. Assigning colors to key letters or numbers create blocks of color or color bars when like numbers or letters are organized in your filing equipment. When files are accidentally placed in the wrong area or misfiled in the filing system, color bars are broken making the misplaced file obvious. Some of the benefits of color coded file systemsare:

  • Faster access to files. The mind associates to color much quicker than black on white name labels. Color coded file systems allow you get to the desired area of the filing systemvery quickly.
  • Saves time. Reducing the amount of misplaced information makes personnel more productive.
  • Improved attitudes. Searching for misplaced files is frustrating, reducing the number of files misplaced improves workers’ attitudes towards their work.

Color Coding files for Fast Accurate Filing and Retrieval

Records manager’s studies show that 80% of the cost of filing is in people time. Time spent searching for misplaced files, not in the cost of filing equipment or filing supplies but people time. Color coded labeling increases the accuracy of filing and makes files easy to find information when you need it. Southwest Solutions Group has been helping businesses establish filing systems since 1969. Organizing file folders with color coded file labels makes your operation more efficient and productive. Files can be organized and color coded in numerous ways including alphabetically, sequentially or in terminal digit. Whether filing alphabetically or numerically, color coding will improve your accuracy of finding information when you need it.

End Tab File Equipment

Traditional drawer cabinets are not space-efficient and slow the file retrieval and refilling process. Shelf-based side-tab filing systems require less floor space and quicker record retrieval. Do some research to see if converting to a shelf-based side-tab filing system is cost justifiable for your organization. Serious consideration should be given to careful planning, cost justifying, and implementing filing systems appropriate for the needed applications, and to using systems technologies, and methods advocated for quality document management.

Converting Your Files to End Tab Files With Color Coded Labels

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of records management professionals can consult, plan, and manage your file conversion. Whether you are converting top tab files to a space-efficient and personnel productive side tab filing system, merging color coded files from multiple locations into one central location, or moving your color coded filing system across the country, we can help with your file conversion requirements. Some of our file conversion services include:

  • Conversion consulting and feasibility studies
  • Conversion project management
  • Information and database development
  • Records retention schedules and compliance
  • Conversion to color coded end tab files
  • Imaging and electronic file conversions
  • Barcode file tracking conversions
  • Merging/consolidating multiple filing systemsinto one centralized file system
  • File moves
  • Purging files and documents
  • Document Destruction

Color coded File System and Records Management planning specialists

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of color coded end tab file system and information management specialists understand the principles of good records management standards. We have the knowledge and experience to consult with you to determine your requirements and design a more efficient and productive system. Contact us today for a free consultation about your filing system.