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As a business grows, its storage needs increase. Inventory, records, files, and documents tend to pile up. Office space is precious, which means storing your physical assets as efficiently as possible can help you improve your productivity, save money, and optimize your office’s layout. Spacesaver® systems provide excellent high density storage solutions. If you’re ready to make the most of your floor space, then it’s time to invest in Spacesaver storage.

What Are Spacesaver Storage Solutions?

spacesaver high density storage shelvingMany businesses store their files, records, office supplies, and other physical assets on traditional shelving units. The problem with this setup is that each storage shelf requires aisle space so your employees can access needed items. These aisles take up a significant amount of space and are rarely used. As your storage needs increase, you may discover that you don’t have room for additional shelves and may even need to consider off-site storage. So, what is high density storage?

Spacesaver storage systems are a better answer. Spacesaver is the largest manufacturer of high density storage products in the United States and offers an excellent variety of high density shelving.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Looking for efficient filing system ideas? High density mobile shelving is a popular Spacesaver storage solution. Your shelving units are placed on tracks, which eliminates unnecessary aisles. Employees can move the shelves on the track using a dial or button, making it quick and easy to grab the files they need. Eliminating aisles can free up a significant amount of space in your office.

Spacesaver Sliding Bi-File Shelvesspacesaver storage solutions

Another Spacesaver mobile shelving option is a set of bi-file sliding shelves. Like mobile shelving, these high density warehouse storage systems are on a track. In this case, the shelves can be stacked two, three, or even four rows deep. By moving the shelves laterally, employees can access shelves in the rows further back. This setup works for any type of office but is ideal for businesses that prefer to put rarely used files and assets on back shelves and keep their current items in front.

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Rotary Cabinets

spacesaver systemsOne other storage solution is a rotary cabinet. This rotating cabinet lets your employees use both sides of a shelf while placing it against a wall to eliminate the need for aisles on both sides. One additional benefit of this particular product is that the shelving unit can be closed, giving your office a clean, uncluttered look.

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What Are the Benefits of Spacesaver High-Density Storage Shelving?

Should you consider investing in a Spacesaver high-density mobile storage system? For many businesses, the answer is yes. Here are a few of the significant benefits you can enjoy with Spacesaver storage: 7-benefits-of-high-density-infographic

1. Greater Storage Capacity

Over time, your storage needs are likely to increase. Now you can store more items in less space. You can store your items close together instead of scattered on shelves throughout the office; you’re improving your storage space and your office’s appearance. Spacesaver storage solutions are beneficial for businesses that regularly generate new patient files or customer records or need to store a growing amount of inventory.

2. Optimize Your Office Space

As your storage needs expand beyond your current space, you may be forced to shove shelves in every nook and cranny. You may even consider purchasing off-site storage, which can increase your business costs and lower employees’ productivity who have to travel to retrieve items. Instead, Spacesaver mobile shelving allows you to store more in less space.

3. Improve Worker Productivity

Spacesaver high-density storage shelving allows you to keep your inventory, files, and other assets close together. This makes it easier for your employees to find the items they need quickly and efficiently. It can also help you maintain a consistent organizational system. When your workers can get what they need quickly, they can perform more work during the day.

4. Allow Your Company to Grow

As you increase your workforce, inventory, and acquisitions, you’ll need more space to accommodate your growing company. Eliminating aisles and unnecessary shelves can make space for more desks, allow you to store extra inventory, and give you free space for additional equipment to speed up your work processes.

5. Increased Safety

When you run out of storage space, you may be forced to stack file boxes in the corner or pile office equipment in the warehouse. These items can block workplace traffic and create new hazards. Workers can trip or bump into items that are not stored correctly, leading to injuries and expensive workers’ compensation claims.

6. Better Security

When your physical assets are together in one place, it’s easier to monitor them and harder for unscrupulous individuals to access your property. Spacesaver mobile storage systems also help you keep your inventory and other assets well-organized to see if something is missing or misplaced quickly.

7. Greater Savings

Investing in Spacesaver mobile shelving can quickly pay for itself. A high-density storage system can allow you to avoid renting off-site storage, provide you enough space to make a new hire, and even let you stay in your current space without the need to move to a larger office. Finally, when your employees can quickly and easily access the items they need, they’ll be more productive each and every day, adding to your bottom line.

What Businesses Need Spacesaver Systems?

Any business that needs to store things in their office or on their property can benefit from Spacesaver storage. That includes businesses that need to store inventory, records, files, office supplies, equipment, and more. spacesaver mobile storage systems

Nearly any office with physical assets can benefit from Spacesaver storage solutions, including:

  • Medical offices
  • Law offices
  • Architectural firms
  • Libraries
  • Museums

Where You Can Find Spacesaver Storage Products

Ready to optimize your storage capacity? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer all the most popular Spacesaver systems, including mobile shelving, sliding bi-file shelves, and rotary storage. Take a look at all our storage solutions and contact a friendly customer service representative today to find the right high-density storage solution for you.