Does Your Office Need a Refresh? 6 Top Modular Office Storage Systems

Your office is a busy place, with emails, calls, and messages going in and out. It’s so busy, in fact, that you may not notice all the…well…things that accumulate over time. These may include inventory items, case files, catalogs, or office supplies. If your office is feeling a little crowded, or if you’ve noticed employees spending too much time searching for the items they need, it might be time to update your office storage system. Modular office storage systems are easy to implement and can boost productivity and morale in your office. Here are some of our favorite modular office storage solutions.

1. Rolling Workstations

modular office rolling workstationsStaffing needs change throughout the year depending on the season or project load. You may find that you need to bring on temporary workers or hire consultants during certain parts of the year. Instead of taking up space with permanent desks and workstations that are only used on a temporary basis, invest in rolling workstations. You can roll these portable workstations (which can include desks or benches) wherever you need them. When they’re not in use, either transport them to another area of the office or into your warehouse or storage space. These workstations’ mobile nature is ideal for placing temporary workers in the right departments and near supervisors.

2. Spinning Filing Cabinets

spinning filing cabinetsThe more storage space you need, the more shelves tend to pop up in your office. Modular office storage cabinets are useful for keeping everything where you need it, but you might also look into a spinning file cabinet (also called rotary filing cabinets). Just imagine the lazy Susan on your dining room table, and you’ve got the idea. Spinning filing cabinets have two sides, which employees can access by flipping the cabinet. This doubles the amount of storage space you can enjoy and is an excellent option for storing office supplies, office equipment, and more.

3. Pull-Out Storage Shelving

pull-out office shelving storageTo increase your modular office storage, even more, look into a pull-out storage shelving system. This system places shelves together in a neat line. When an employee needs an item, they pull out the shelf they need. The shelf easily slides out of the row. When the shelves are closed, the files can’t be seen, making it a great option for confidential information or valuables. You can also lock the shelving for added security.

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4. Sliding Lateral Files

office sliding storage cabinetsMake the most of limited storage space with sliding lateral files. With this system, cabinets are placed in rows on a set of tracks. By sliding the front row of shelves apart or to the side, employees can access the back rows. This system eliminates extra aisle space, allowing you to store far more in a smaller footprint. You can also keep all your files and other items together, making it easy for employees to know exactly where to find the items they need.

A sliding lateral file system is a versatile modular office storage solution. You can choose a bi-file system with two rows of shelving or even a tri-file system with three rows of storage. When designing this system, it’s good to put less-used items (like old client files) in the back and more active files in the front cabinets for faster retrieval.

5. Box Storage Shelving

box file storage shelvingDespite the fact that we are living in the Internet age, many companies are still required (or prefer) to keep hard copies of important paperwork, including contracts, invoices, presentations, and client files. However, over time, these paper items can really add up. Instead of stacking boxes haphazardly wherever you can find space or paying for offsite storage, consider box storage shelving. This type of high-capacity shelving is designed to accommodate archival boxes. By placing boxes on shelves, you can better organize your files and free up valuable floor space so your office can continue to grow.

6. High-Density Storage

modular office storage systems high densityThe final modular office and storage system is similar to the sliding lateral cabinets. High-density storage places shelves on a track, eliminating unnecessary aisle space. When an employee needs something on the shelves, they can use a manual hand crank or powered button to open up an aisle between the cabinets. This system can utilize your existing shelves to save you money, or you can create shelves customized to your storage needs. You can also implement a high-density storage system with room to grow. By adding more track space, you can place additional shelves into the system in the future, allowing your storage capacity to grow with your needs.


High-density storage can be a great solution for nearly any business, including law firms, medical offices, libraries, museums, and more.

Which Modular Office Storage Systems Are Right for You?

All you know is that you’ve got piles of documents or inventory shoved into corners or practically spilling out of your warehouse. Which modular office storage cabinets are right for your situation? Don’t guess. Instead, let us help you find the right solution. Our talented design team can learn about your needs and create a storage system optimized for your office. You can also learn more about great storage tips and tricks on our blog

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