High-end condos are popping up all over the country, especially in urban downtown areas. Everyone wants to live close to the action and close to where they work. With so much competition, how is your condo building going to stand out?

A beautiful pool? No, that’s been done. What about a pet spa? No, that’s a little too weird. What about smart package lockers? These lockers not only look great, but they provide a service that your tenants didn’t even know they wanted, and they make everyday tasks easier for employees. Now that sounds like the way to go. (And don’t just take our word for it; read about an Austin area luxury condo that recently installed smart package lockers.)

What Makes the Smart Package Lockers a Luxury Item?

Smart package lockers are relatively new to the market. But they’re making a big impact. Why? Because the lockers automate and secure the last steps in the package delivery process. A simple set-up consisting of a bank of various sized lockers and a computerized touch screen interface is all there is to the smart package lockers.

The computer contains and active directory with all your residents’ names. When someone receives a package, condo staff or the delivery person puts the package in a locker. The computer system uses the directory information to automatically notify the recipient they’ve received a package and provides them with a one-time code to open the locker.

It’s that easy. And the best part of the smart package lockers is that you can put them in an area that’s accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s a luxury not found at many other condos. (Read our FAQ here to learn more.)

The Problem with the Current Package Delivery System

smart package lockers luxury condosSay for example, you’ve ordered a new case for your phone online. You track the shipment from the moment it leaves the warehouse till the moment it’s delivered to your doorstep or the office.

Of course you were at work when it was dropped off. So you don’t know if the delivery person left it sitting next to your front door or took it back with them. Or maybe they left it at the condo office, which is undoubtedly closed by the time you get off work.

Let’s say it was dropped off at the office. So if you work in the office, you now have to keep track of that package for the recipient. You’ll need a place to store it, and you’ll need to be available when this resident (and all the others that shop online) wants to pick it up. And to ensure the process is secure, you’ll have to verify the person’s identity and make them sign for it.

But what if something happens to the package? If it was left at the door, anyone could walk by and take it. And if someone misplaces the package at the office, the resident is going to be mad, and you might be expected to replace the item.

Now You Know Why Smart Package Lockers are a Better Option

Such a headache for one simple phone case! If your luxury condo had smart package lockers, none of these things would’ve happened. The resident would receive their package – and be able to pick it up whenever was convenient for them – with very little or no involvement from the office staff. And the package would have been locked up securely the whole time to prevent theft or damage.

Are You Ready to Get Your Smart Package Lockers?

Using smart package lockers makes your luxury condo building stand out in a crowd because they’re very nice to look at, offer your tenants an amenity that you know they’ll appreciate, and they make package management easy and efficient for your staff.

And speaking of easy, we’ve made it easy to design smart package lockers with BIM/Revit models you can find here. You can also call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a specialist.