You might not realize it, but your physical office space says a lot about your business. You want to create the right environment to project a certain image. It’s competitive out there and everyone from start-up tech companies to healthcare facilities needs to entice potential customers and employees.

You might be tempted to choose custom millwork for your office’s furniture and cabinets. But resist the temptation! As pretty as it may seem, there are many hidden costs and problems. Here are five things you don’t know about office millwork, but wish you did.

1. You Can’t Move or Reuse Millwork

Once workers install the millwork, it’s not going anywhere – except maybe the landfill. If you wanted to move it from the mailroom to the breakroom, too bad. And when you outgrow your office space faster than you planned and need to move, your millwork isn’t going with you. That investment stays put. And speaking of investments…

2. Millwork Has a 31 Year Depreciation Schedule

Because millwork is classified as a real asset and not personal property, it’s subject to a longer depreciation schedule. Which means over time, millwork will cost you more money.

3. More Construction & Down Time

And speaking of money, millwork construction will disrupt or even shut down your office – for weeks at a time. Not only are you paying for the construction and installation, but now your whole office might have to close. At the very least the noise, dust, and random construction workers will disrupt your employees and make them unhappy.

4. There’s a Lack of Quality Control

As much as we wish we could replicate things exactly the same each and every time, we just can’t. That’s why we made machines to do it for us. With custom millwork, you’re relying on humans, and humans make mistakes.

5. Limited Design Choices

Unless your business is made of money, you’re stuck with limited design choices. Oh you wanted a curved façade added onto the cabinet; that will be thousands of dollars more than you wanted to pay. Fixtures, handles, drawers, and all the little details will add up fast.

What to Choose Instead of Millwork

If you’re not going to use millwork for your office furniture and cabinets, then what should you use? Modular casework – all the benefits of millwork, without any of the drawbacks. In fact, modular casework:

  • isn’t permanently attached to anything, so you can move it, re-arrange it, and take it with you wherever you go.
  • has a short depreciation schedule of just seven years.
  • is pre-assembled for quick, no mess installation that takes days instead of weeks.
  • is manufactured exactly the same way every time for increased consistency and replication.
  • includes standard design options that won’t break the bank.

Visit our website to find out everything you need to know about modular casework. Or you can give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 and speak to one of our experts.