police department weapon storage area before high density shelvingOrganization and Security with a Mobile Shelving System and Wire Cage for Police Department Weapon Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s San Antonio team recently completed a project designing and installing a mobile shelving system secured in a wire cage for a south Texas police department’s weapon storage area.plan drawing of the mobile shelving system and wire cage

The mobile shelving system allows the police department to custom organize the way they use their weapon storage area. Before, the mobile shelving system was installed everything was disorganized and stacked in boxes making weapons difficult to see and access. Now, officers can easily turn the mobile shelving crank handle to open an access aisle to retrieve the stored weapons. Guns are stored together in the majority of the mobile shelving system while knives are stored in a separate section and ammunition in another section. Designing the weapon storage area this way and using the mobile shelving system has allowed the police department to organize and maximize the use of their floor space.

wire cage for police department weapon storageThe wire cage secures the weapon storage area using heavy-duty wire panels and sliding doors to control access to the mobile shelving weapon storage area. Also, the wire cage allows for the use of existing lighting, as well as open circulation for air flow and and fire suppression systems.

Here is what the police department had to say about their new mobile shelving weapon storage system,

“The sales representative and installers were extremely professional and helpful. Our mobile shelving system and wire cage were delivered and installed as scheduled. I was very proud to take pictures of our installation and show it off to our administration. We are very satisfied with the improvements to our police department weapon storage area thanks to the products you have installed.”

Police Department Mobile Shelving for Weapon Storage and More

Watch the mobile shelving system video below to see how mobile shelving will compact your weapon storage or evidence storage area to maximize floor space. For more information on Police Department mobile shelving, wire cages, weapon storage or some of our other Police Department storage and filing solutions, click on the links below.

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