Automated Storage Towers for Military Weapon Storage Win the War on Storage Problems with Automated Storage Towers

Operating military storage facilities can be difficult because you are dealing with new missions, base relocations, and expansions while trying to manage an influx of new equipment, supplies, and technology. If you need to issue more weapons, then you require more secure storage or if you deploy more military personnel you need more space for readiness equipment. One of the best solutions to these problems is Automated Storage Towers. Automated Storage Towers save floor space, make inventoried supplies and parts easier to find, and provide for better working conditions, which ensures a more productive and efficient fighting force that is prepared and ready to go. Click here to view Automated Storage Towers videosclick here to view Automated Storage Tower photo gallery.

Six Reasons to Automate Your StorageMilitary Storage Systems for bases in Fort Hood Tinker Brooks Dyess Goodfellow Lackland Laughlin Randolph Altus Vance Sheppard Red River Bullis Fort Sill Pine Bluff

1. Save Floor Space. vertical lifts and carousels are Automated Storage Towers that store parts and supplies vertically instead of horizontally, converting unused overhead air space into productive storage space. These Automated Storage Towers can recoup up to 80% of your floor space or more when compared to traditional storage shelving units, making automated storage cost-effective and energy efficient.

2. Productivity. Automated Storage Towers consolidate your stored supplies into one centralized area, which means no more wandering around your entire facility wasting time looking for inventoried items. Instead, you just go to the controller, input the part number for the item you need, and the shelf/drawer comes directly to you.

3. Inventory Management. The Automated Storage Tower’s inventory control software systems provide reporting and tracking information to better manage your inventory costs. The ability to track multiple Automated Storage Towers for controlling inventoryinventory locations, automate the picking of sub-assemblies, and maintain reorder levels can cut costs significantly and have a dramatic impact on the financial bottom line.

4. Ergonomics. Another benefit is that the retrieval workstation counter is ergonomically positioned at waist height, so you won’t have to climb, stoop, or bend to retrieve stored inventory.

5. Security. Automated Storage Towers are enclosed units with a locking door located at the waist high work counter. When personnel are away from the storage units, they can lock the storage tower for additional security of stored items. The fully enclosed units also provide protection from dust.Automated Storage Towers bring parts to an ergonomic counter

6. Flexibility. The systems have the ability to store large supply boxes and small parts drawers within the same unit. Not only are they flexible enough to store different size parts in the same unit, the systems use a smart retrieval technology that stores the most active parts closest to the work counter for quick delivery.

All of these great features of automated storage will increase the morale and attitude of workers. Additionally, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your inventory is safe and secure from pilferage and dust.

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