dental lab workstation benchLaboratory equipment used for research, experimentation, and testing is often expensive. To preserve these valuable pieces of equipment, lab personnel needs to ensure complete order within the workplace. In this case, dental labs are no exception.

Dental labs are special medical labs where expert technicians fabricate dental appliances that help dentists better aid their patients. These technicians use a variety of advanced tools to modify, repair and design dental devices or prosthetics.

Improved functionality within a dental lab advocates better patient health service and outcomes by allowing technicians to do their work with higher precision. These unique labs also need special storage, an ergonomic workspace, and functional appliances to work efficiently.

Dental laboratory furniture is decisively designed or customized to accommodate exceptional needs. Appropriate furnishing determines the overall functional capacity and comfort in the everyday operations of a dental lab.

Challenges Faced Within Dental Lab Environment

Dental labs play a crucial role within the healthcare sector. When it comes to dental health, all patients have a different structure of teeth and hence require customized prosthetic or solutions for their particular problem. For perfect results, dental health professionals must address these issues and find a suitable solution. In addition, there are several other challenges a dental lab deals with. Some of the major ones include:


Metal lab casework shelf above

Dental laboratories need to ensure the safety of both lab technicians and the dental equipment required for the specific job. Dental laboratory equipment like the curing lights or even the dental chairs can be expensive and fragile. Preserving these apparatus requires a proper storage solution. Lab technicians are also subject to potential hazards and should have access to and familiarity with the lab safety measures laid within the workspace. Organizing the workplace for smoother practicability will resolve these conditions by making mobility easier and eliminating any chance for potential mishaps within the workplace.


Dental laboratories may work on fabricating multiple dental prosthetics and appliances at a single time. Storing the dentures, orthodontics, veneers, and crowns is a process that requires lab technicians to maintain a systematic classification and methodical listing. Due to overwhelming storage requirements, laboratories often have to resort to expansion or renovation of the existing space. Optimal shelving and storage solutions can not only make this process easy but increase the overall storage space of a dental lab without the need to occupy more floor space.


A non-ergonomic environment within dental labs can cause various health issues and affect programmatic or manufacturing outcomes. Not considering the ergonomic state of a lab can potentially damage furniture and equipment as well. While establishing a dental lab, it is crucial to consider ergonomic factors along with the list of required apparatus. Laboratories need to consider conducting an ergonomic risk assessment to prevent any of these potential atrocities.

How Southwest Solutions Group Can Help

At Southwest Solutions Group, we believe that storage systems should improve patient care. Our storage solutions and practical lab equipment help laboratories preserve space, improve everyday procedures like restorations, and foster an environment where they can carry out the best practices for improved patient outcomes. Some of our practical solutions for the dental lab include:

Dental Modular Casework And Millwork

Modular casework and moveable millwork are specially designed to address the needs of dental facilities. Dental offices require special appliances when it comes to work platforms and cabinet constructions. Modular casework systems in such an environment can help reduce the spread of germs, while cabinet doors and drawers help withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent use.

This product is eco-consciously fabricated and certified by GreenGuard. Additionally, the board and packaging material is made from 100% recycled material, while 50% of the aluminum is recycled. The factory quality casework is also aesthetically pleasing and follows uniform construction standards. Movable casework is LEED and Greenguard children and schools certified.

Stainless Steel Millwork

Stainless steel casework is ideal for places that require maintaining rigorous hygiene standards and frequent cleaning. Non-porous stainless steel prevents germs, bacteria, and other pathogens from lab penetrating the furniture. The stainless steel casework can handle harsh chemicals without deteriorating, rusting, or holding any particles on the surface. The casework is also easy to unmount and reinstall if you’re renovating, moving, or expanding your dental lab facility.

Metal Casework

Metal Casework is highly durable and also comes with a powder-coated option that is perfect for use in dental industry equipment. With interchangeable parts and several custom options, metal casework can easily be modulated into industrial benches, workstations, or cabinets. These storage units are also available in epoxy finish, which increases their durability and longevity.

Dental lab casework 1Advantages Of Lab Casework

Increased Space: Lab casework can make optimal use of a lab’s vertical space while utilizing only the existing floor space. The design of these storage systems facilitates systematic storage and classification of lab articles in a compact way, augmenting the storage space while instilling efficiency into everyday operations. This capability allows laboratories to work on extensive projects with ease.

Customizable: Customizable millworks are highly modular and available in a wide range of finishes. Custom-built millworks can fit into disparate applications requiring different temperature endurance capacities, storage requirements, and preservation conditions.

Easy Displacement: These storage units are also easy to shift from one place to another, without the need for constructing the entire storage unit from the ground up.

No Additional Costs: The casework is movable and delivered pre-assembled, eliminating any chance of disruption or additional costs such as contracting, installation and construction.

Modern Height Adjustable Mobile Workplace Desk Seating

Mobile desk seating was designed to keep the safety and health of dental office or lab personnel in mind. These chairs are durable and reduce the pressure on one’s body while working. The ergonomically designed chair includes features such as permanent contact backrests and pneumatic height adjustment.

From spine support to height and posture, these chairs were designed to keep the body structure in mind. Adjustable chairs prevent injuries from repeated movements and fatigue due to bad posture. Users can actively configure these seats to meet their comfort. The ultimate goal of these chairs is to expose the user to a certain level of comfort, which could instill productivity.

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Furniture For Dental Lab Procedures

In addition to the storage solutions, dental labs can also benefit from installing practical lab furniture pieces that enhance productivity by offering convenience and comfort to the staff while performing their day-to-day activities and dental procedures. Here are some of the key pieces of furniture that anyone practicing dentistry must consider.

Dental Workstations

A dental workstation accommodates a variety of applications for lab technicians. Dental workstations include an automatic dust collecting system for sterility, shadow-free lights, and an inbuilt 2.5X magnifying glass for better visual precision. Easy access storage cabinets are also installed within the work desk. The workstation further incorporates an AGA-approved gas valve for a bunsen burner and an OSHA-compliant air gun.

Casting Station

For the procedure of casting, the casting station helps technicians efficiently produce an object in the mold. These stations allow quick heating of the alloy and help its transformation into a completely molten condition. The casting unit carries out casting with sharp details by channelizing adequate pressure on the melted metal, forcing it into a mold. Additional attributes such as a furnace shelf, circular recessed casting guard, two air valves, one gas valve, and one oxygen valve are also present within the casting station.

Boil-Out Curing Units Metal steel lab furniture casework

Boil-out stations use vented cabinets to carry out denture processing such as boiling, washing, or fixing dentures. The station includes a dual tank production system with separate temperature control options, allowing technicians to cure the dentures in one tank and then wash or boil out in the other. Additional features include painted metal cabinets with stainless steel top, four swing spouts, and an alternate on/off switch.

Laboratory Faucets

Faucets fall into one of the essential fitting considerations while setting up a laboratory. Lab faucets regulate the amount of water being used and preserved while conducting daily operations. Efficient and durable laboratory faucets augment all kinds of experimental or operational undertakings with minimal wastage.

Laboratory Sinks

Laboratory sinks are made from matter which does not degrade the material or itself while being used. Epoxy and stainless steel sinks are durable, chemical resistant, resilient from bacteria, and strong against other deteriorating contaminants. Stainless steel lab sinks can also withstand the harsh corrosive lab environment with relative ease.

Stainless Steel Counter-Tops

Stainless steel is perhaps the most resilient material to use within a grinding laboratory ecosystem. The chemical resistance and non-porous attributes of the material make it effectively stand the test of time. These counter-tops also supplement hygiene and sterility, are easy to clean, and do not require frequent maintenance.

Improve Dental Lab Efficiency With Southwest Solutions Group

Advancement in dental lab technology has helped eliminate many problems related to day-to-day manual operations, including manually pouring wax molds, hand casting crowns, and hand trimming models. However, along with these advancements, dental laboratories must simultaneously simplify their workflows further and aim for higher operational excellence. One of the ways dental labs can achieve better efficiency is by molding the workplace into a vitalizing environment where safety, ergonomy, and simplicity are inherently present.

Integrating the best and most effective storage and furniture lab solution within your dental laboratory depends largely on the manufacturing partner you choose. At Southwest Solutions Group, we are expert problem solvers when it comes to building solutions that optimize laboratory functioning and performance efficiency. Our team of expert planners and factory-trained installers can design and install customized solutions that make your dental lab more efficient.

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