Storing and Organizing Sheet Music in Cabinets and on Storage Shelvespull out sheet music cabinets

Storage Shelves

Throughout the years as a professional musician, music educator, or composer, you will eventually accumulate large amounts of sheet music. So, wondering how to store sheet music? Without properly categorizing and storing your sheet music, you can end up with a huge unmanageable mess. Storing and organizing sheet music in sheet music cabinets and on music storage shelves will assist you in finding what you are looking for quickly and easily while recovering your floor space. (sheet music cabinets and music storage shelves image gallery)

Cost Effective and Space Saving Sheet Music Cabinets

plan drawing for organizing sheet music on shelvesA great economical and space saving storage cabinet for organizing sheet music is pull-out sheet music cabinets. The sheet music cabinet slides in and out on a modular rail system located within the cabinet. Because the sheet music shelves slide in and out, access aisles within the system are unnecessary. By removing multiple access aisles, you will save floor space. The pull-out sheet music cabinets use the natural egress aisle in front of the cabinet to access sheet music (much like a traditional file cabinet), which means the piano sheet music cabinets can fit in tight spaces, between wall columns, in alcoves, and more. Pull-out sheet music cabinets are available in a range of standard sizes, configurations and finishes, which makes them a cost-effective storage solution for organizing printed sheet music. Through our pull-out sheet music cabinets, your music room can have additional space for musical instruments, a record collection, CD collection, vinyl record storage, music stand, record player, furniture, and other essentials.

Music Storage Shelves for Organizing Sheet Music and Freeing Up Spaceorganizing sheet music in music storage shelves

If you have a small space that is taken up by boxes of sheet music, then adjustable music storage shelves are a great solution for organizing sheet music to free up space for other uses. For example, the picture to the right is a multifunctional space designed for a church where the music director can store sheet music stored close to his/her office desk. This efficient music room design uses adjustable shelves and adjustable support dividers so that you can customize every available inch of storage space for sheet music or other types of media or even storage boxes.

Designing and Planning Sheet Music Cabinets and Music Storage Shelves

If you are interested in organizing sheet music in a sheet music cabinet and on music storage shelves so that you can find what you are looking for and save space, then give us a call at 1-866-904-5216 or send us an email. We will get you in touch with a sheet music storage expert in your area to discuss various storage options for your sheet music collection.