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Does your library need new flooring or other renovations? If you are like most librarians, you are worrying about books being misplaced and thrown out of order while still trying to serve your customers when your library is closed for remodeling. The solution has arrived – Fully Loaded Book Shelving Relocation Services. Now you can move your library book shelves with all the books still on them!

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Loaded Shelving Relocation Services are designed to make moving fully loaded book shelves quick and easy when relocating book stacks, shelving, or other fixtures. This super efficient bookshelf moving solution keeps your books, periodicals, and archives organized and intact on the shelf which means no more having to do inventory or re-organize your book collection after a move or remodel. Loaded Shelving Relocation Services is the most cost effective and economical system to manage your next refurbishing, carpet replacement, flooring repair, or other storage shelf relocation because you can reopen sooner since you don’t have to spend any extra time or money rearranging your book shelves.

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Loaded Shelving Relocation Services provide pneumatic technology for the lifting of fully loaded shelving units. The moving system uses Nitrogen (green) gas for the raising and lowering of your library shelving units and requires only one technician to raise and lower ranges of shelving. Loaded book shelving can be moved safely and evenly without risk or damage to the shelving unit or your library book collection.

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We recently completed moving an entire book collection so a local library put in new carpet. The library planned for the book moving project to last 30 days; however, we completed the project in just 11 short days with the use of our fully loaded book shelving lift technology. The project consisted of moving 164 ranges of 90″ high double sided cantilever book stack shelving and there were a total of 980 sections of books and 78 large map drawer cabinets. After the new carpet was installed, all of the book shelving ranges were returned to their exact location. The customer was very pleased with how quickly the books were moved and of course the fact that none of the library books had to be removed from the shelves.

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