Seattle Public Library No one in their right mind thinks library book shelves are cool. I mean never. Right? Well, if you see the Seattle central library you’re apt to change your mind, and in the most severe cases, feel the urge to schedule an appointment with a shrink. But before you fall into the insane concept that a bookshelf is cool, let’s put things in perspective. This particular library is one of the coolest buildings on the freaking planet. Here’s the link if you’ve never seen it.

seattle public library stacks with acrylic end panelsAnd whether you bother to click on the longest link known to man or not, let’s just agree that boring wasn’t written into the architectural specifications when it came to bookshelves at this phenomenal work of art. Instead, they had to play off of the use of light since it’s a critical design element of the award-winning building design. To do that, the static shelving systems throughout the library are decked out with translucent acrylic materials to make the most of natural light that shines through the building’s glass envelope. The acrylic end panels and canopy tops create an especially stunning effect when natural light is combined with custom overhead lighting on each shelving unit. The cutting-edge, upbeat look and feel is also captured from all angles, including upper levels of the facility.public library book stacks

Just be sure you’ve got quick access to your psychotherapist ’cause these bookshelves are crazy, man, crazy.