Storing your sheet music collection can be a challenge. JW Pepper music filing boxes make storage a much easier task. However, you still have to put the boxes somewhere. You can’t use lateral cabinets because they won’t fit, and you can’t just leave the boxes piled on the floor because they will get damaged. Plus, you don’t want the boxes to take up all your valuable floor space.

Use High Capacity Storage Systems

The solution for storing JW Pepper music filing boxes in less space is high capacity storage systems. And we have two types of high capacity storage systems that will meet your sheet music collection storage needs. The first is sliding shelving and the other is pull-out shelving. Each of these high capacity storage systems is cost-effective and easy to use.

Sliding Shelving for Music Filing Boxes

store jw pepper music filing boxes in sliding shelvingSliding shelving is an innovative concept. Rows of shelving is stacked in front of each other on tracks so that they can slide back and forth. And because the front rows move, you gain access to the back rows. The sliding shelving eliminations static aisles to reduce the amount of floor space needed for music filing box storage.

The best way to use sliding shelving is to keep infrequently accessed sheet music in the back and sheet music that you need access to daily or multiple times a day in the front. This not only saves space, but it also saves time. Now you no longer have to search through multiple areas for the sheet music you need right away since in the sliding shelving everything is organized and easily accessible.

Pull-Out Shelving for Music Filing Boxesmusic filing boxes stored in pull-out shelving uses less space

Pull-out shelving is very straightforward; each section of shelving pulls out when you need access to stored music filing boxes and retracts back in when not in use. And even though you’re using shelving instead of cabinets, you can still lock up each section.

As an added bonus, if you have tight spaces like alcoves or wall columns, pull-out shelving is a great solution. The shelving fits in these typically unusable spaces and turns them into productive storage areas.

Contact Us for Help Storing JW Pepper Music Filing Boxes

Contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to get design and installation services for numerous high capacity storage systems for JW music filing boxes including sliding shelving and pull-out shelving. Additionally, you can also shop for both sliding shelving and pull-out shelving online at our partner site StoreMoreStore.