Store your high school football gear like the pros. Think you can’t afford it? You can!

So we all know everything is BIGGER in Texas right? Texas has division one-like football stadiums and facilities for their high school football teams; the TAAS test (don’t ask), and sometimes they fly the Texas flag higher than the American flag..if not, then at the same height. It’s just the way things are down there. Trust me, I know. I used to live in Texas. I loved Texas while I was there.

The picture above is one of the 5 largest high school stadiums in Texas! Pretty Awesome! And…pretty unrealistic for a high school in the midwest. So you could imagine Texas football teams have the best of the best of everything, including their equipment storage.

While a school in southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois may not be able to afford a $20 million stadium for their boys, they can definitely afford the same quality athletic equipment storage. Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse Mobile Storage System is used by most of the major NFL and big college football teams. But most athletic directors and coaches don’t realize high school teams across the country can also use it.

Take a look at the picture below. This is the way approximately 70% of America’s high schools are storing their athletic equipment.

Now, look at what your athletic storage room or cage could look like with Wheelhouse…and yes, you can afford it with your high school’s budget!

Store your team’s shoulder pads, uniforms, helmets, shoes etc. STORE ANYTHING! We will customize it to your liking. And one of the coolest things offered….your team colors and logo as decals! And drum roll please….IT IS AFFORDABLE! Check it out!

Whether your high school football team consists of 30 players, 80 players or 200 players, we have a Wheelhouse Storage System that will fit your team!

Get together with your booster club and inform them on this innovative way to store your teams football equipment. Spacesaver will work with you to provide literature and customize your space.

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