Architectural Drawing Storage Solutions from StoreMoreStoreHeavy Duty Metal Flat File Cabinets Storing Drawings

Our partner, StoreMoreStore, has numerous architectural drawing storage solutions that you can purchase directly from them! Whether you want to preserve a drawing and store it flat or maximize space and store blueprints rolled up, there is something for everyone. All of StoreMoreStore’s architectural drawing storage solutions are both convenient and efficient while remaining very budget friendly. In fact, you can browse through their collection of architectural drawing storage solutions here online!

Flat File Cabinets for Large and Small Architectural Drawings

Architectural Drawing Storage Flat File Cabinets Made of WoodThere are many benefits to keeping your architectural drawings in flat file cabinets: drawings stay flat and won’t wrinkle or bend; the cabinets can be locked to secure access to confidential materials; and drawings are protected from dust and anything else that might damage them.

Depending on the look you want in your office, there are both metal and wood flat file cabinets to choose from. The metal cabinets are heavy duty and extremely durable so that you know all your important materials are protected. The wood cabinets offer an elegant finish that is sure to stand out and match any décor. Also, storage capacity is not an issue for the flat file cabinets. Whatever drawer option you pick, you will have plenty of room to store all your architectural drawings. With numerous flat file cabinets to choose from, there is something for every type of storage need.

Keep Architectural Drawings Organized in Less Space with Rolled Blueprint ShelvesRolled Blueprint Shelves Save Space Storing Architectural Drawings

Rolled blueprint shelves have multiple adjustable partitioned storage openings where drawings can be categorized and stored safely, so they won’t get crushed or damaged.  It will also maximize the number of drawings you can store in a designated area. The rolled blueprint shelves saves space because everything is organized and stored on vertical shelf levels instead of stacked flat. The shelves not only increase your storage capacity, but they will protect drawings from water, dirt, and rodents that can damaged your important papers.

Contact StoreMoreStore for These and More Architectural Drawing Storage Solutions

Those are just a couple of the architectural drawing storage solutions you can find online at StoreMoreStore. Check out the rest of their selection here. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, need assistance or have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message!