With online shopping now more prevalent than ever before, courier and delivery services are popping up. But a parcel locker service can be expensive, so more and more courier businesses opt to build their own package lockers. 24/7 package delivery lockers are the new, innovative solution that allows building managers, landlords, lessees, and others focus more on what matters rather than manually managing incoming packages and parcels, and prevents recipients from constantly having to check up on the post office to see if their package has arrived yet.

Businesses, apartments, and other buildings are developing more and more pain related to package delivery and distribution. What previously took just a few minutes a day can now take hours due to the sheer amount of people shopping online, with nearly 20% doing so at least once or twice a week.  The packages clog up concierge desks and leasing offices, keeping people from the tasks they need to complete. Additionally, there is no way to track if a package gets misplaced in the process, leading to unhappy recipients—and deliveries are only expected to increase over the next few years.

What Package Delivery Lockers Can Do

A 24-7 parcel locker relieves all the pain of having to manage packages. What does your office look like now? Are recipients constantly coming in and out, asking about the state of their delivery? Is your office cluttered with other people’s packages? And how long does it take you to find these packages when the recipient comes to retrieve them? And if you’re in a business office, how can you ensure that every package is delivered to the correct recipient, and what are the consequences if it’s not?

package management relief with delivery lockers (1)Think about all of these problems going away for good.  24/7 package delivery lockers are, as the name implies, available whenever and wherever for recipients to pick up their packages so you don’t have to.

How does it work? Upon delivery, the package is simply placed in an open locker compartment (multiple sizes are available to accommodate small parcels or large packages of any size and shape) and is entered on the easy to use touchscreen. Once it’s processed, an email or text is sent to the email or cell phone of the recipient to let them know that their package has arrived. The message includes the parcel locker and PIN number. At their earliest convenience, the recipient simply types in their assigned PIN on the touchscreen and retrieves their package from the now open compartment. The system logs the item as retrieved, and system managers can access this audit tracking at any time.

Package Delivery Lockers Are Growing

Big companies like Amazon have recently been using the package lockers to manage their huge amounts of deliveries, but there have been an increasing number of them popping up in other applications too. For example:

  • Business/Corporate Offices: Instead of needing to hunt down employees (sometimes across multiple buildings) and sign, the package can be dropped off in a secure locker and picked up later. There’s no need to worry “Is this package being given to the right person? Will it reach its intended recipient in time? Will it be misplaced during this process?”
  • Leasing Offices: Package delivery lockers can be an included amenity for apartments and other residential facilities that manage a lot of tenants. Instead of having to interrupt your day by retrieving resident packages, they can retrieve the packages themselves. And this way, they aren’t limited to office hours when work schedules may have previously prevented them from retrieving packages in a timely manner.
  • University Mail Services: Especially during the holiday seasons, handling mail for students who live on campus or with P.O. boxes can be a managerial nightmare with long waiting lines, limited storage space, and students who need to get to class on time. Package delivery lockers work with you and university students instead of against busy and inflexible schedules.

BIM Revit Makes Design Easy

The parcel delivery lockers are available to design on our BIM Revit website, which allows you to easily create your exact solution while ensuring that you remain within your budget. Simply load up a template, and you can order the secure locker for installation as-is or you can easily use the software to modify the design. Your solution will then be shipped and installed for you. You can also save your designs and quotes so you can return to them later. Check it out here, or call us at 1-866-904-5216 for additional assistance.