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Many thought open-plan workspaces would improve productivity and collaboration within the corporate world when first introduced back in the late 1990s. Over time, though, organizations have found the layout to do the opposite since employees produce and interact less. Today, experts name cost as a major reason why it still exists. However, a greater demand for privacy, lack of storage and an increase in visual and audible distractions have caused the trend to fade in recent years.  In its place, companies have started using a more novel alternative called rolling cabinets to create collaborative space in open office settings and give staff more structure, storage, and privacy. Who does this include? Businesses that give equal weight to function and aesthetics, so staff have the agile workspace and storage needed to thrive. 

In this article, we will discuss:

How rolling cabinets provide flexible rooms

room divider movable wall partitions collaborative space

With a growing number of professionals making up today’s mobile workforce, the corporate world has replaced traditional cubicles with more flexible workspace. Making the transition is easier than ever since storage experts have the power to mount cabinets on rails. Once in place, the rolling cabinets move along the tracks with a simple push to create collaborative conditions that fit your working style.

Whether alone or in a group, you can expand or compact the moveable partitions into as big or small of a footprint as needed to ensure personnel remains comfortable and focused on work.  The movable partitions allow you convenient access to essential tools used to facilitate teamwork, including whiteboards and monitors.

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What is “Hot-desking?”

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Designing a flexible collaborative workspace isn’t all organizations can do through this creative usage of rolling cabinets, however.  It’s a good thing because the corporate world is only going to become more modernized in the future — especially with innovative concepts like “hot-desking” making such an impact on today’s work culture.

So, what is “hot-desking?” It gives employees the flexibility to choose where and when to work. You can spend part of the day at your workstation. Move to a conference room to collaborate with colleagues on in-progress projects, next. Then, relocate to a quiet lounge area and relax or connect on a more personal level over coffee. Staff remains active and motivated to work throughout the day while still carving out some time to socialize with others. Industry-insiders say organizations that adopt this approach can maximize space efficiency and minimize real estate risk by limiting useless office areas.

As the notion gains traction, many businesses have realized traditional desks can no longer meet the rising functional and aesthetic demands that exist. In response, experts have shifted focus to design more attractive furniture with the flexibility to serve more than one purpose.

How movable partitions can help display work

creative usage of rolling cabinets

Nowhere is displayed work more evident than in a design lab that uses rolling cabinets to create space for creative projects. In order to achieve this objective, you simply slide the cabinets on rails integrated to the floor.  It requires little physical effort and time during operation, making space reconfiguration easy and fast.

Leaving some distance between the movable partitions allows facilities efficient space to display work without expanding the footprint. Since the rolling cabinets allow rearrangement with a gentle push, users can customize areas to fit mobile furniture and create the most efficient display conditions.  Passersby have full visual access to works on display through an observation window and can view projects from the hallway. 

How cabinets on rails can provide secure storage

rolling office storage cabinet

You can integrate locks to ensure the rolling cabinets provide the reliable security needed to keep employees’ personal belongings safe. Pick from five standard options, including:

  • Locks that use an alphanumeric keypad or key slot via American Disability Act-compliant user key to regulate access and ensure discrete use in public spaces.
  • Numeric keypad locks that allow programming to accommodate temporary day or permanent use.
  • A combination locking system that allows you to regulate the access and maintain personal privacy through a user-chosen code. It also easily resets once you are finished, so another person can use the storage.
  • Hasp locks can accommodate any locking mechanism to keep stored contents protected during use and allow employees to have ready access when vacant.
  • Keyed locks allow you to have selective storage access using individual keys. Master keys are also available to help provide supervisors with immediate access to the entire locker bank.

Valuable items such as purses, wallets, cell phones, and tablets remain protected from theft and damage while in storage. Nothing takes up valuable counter or floor space either, helping keep shared workspaces clean and organized. Electronics remain easily accessible if needed but out of personal reach, helping eliminate unnecessary distractions. Personnel also have increased peace of mind about the safety of their possessions and can focus more on being productive.  Unfinished work remains intact while stored, so staff can pick up where they ended the day before and complete projects on time.  

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How cabinets on tracks slide together to make space for events

partition cabinet for office

The versatility open floor space plan offices have through the creative use of rolling cabinets extends beyond creating comfortable collaborative conditions and providing efficient theft protection. So, what else does the storage allow you to do? Instantly create space to host events without building onto your existing footprint, of course.

To ensure you have the capacity to accommodate larger crowds, simply push the movable partitions together and relocate them to one end of the room. It opens the space to maximize footprint efficiency while giving employees ample capacity to breathe and feel included during group activities. A few examples where you may need to reconfigure space to accommodate many people include:

  • Team building exercises
  • Company-wide staff meetings and student-body assemblies
  • Holiday parties

How moving cabinets help create a sense of privacy

rolling cabinets on rails

While wearing headphones can help drown out noise, employees working in open-office environments remain exposed to everything going on around them. Too much exposure to others can increase our individual desire to spend time alone and regroup in private. Finding personal space to think isn’t always easy, though — especially if your organization lacks quiet areas.

Fortunately, employees can use the rolling cabinets to create their own sense of privacy. Simply position the movable partitions anywhere along the rails to break up space and create more intimate work areas. It gives you a flexible boundary that can block out unwanted noise in an instant. So, employees have personal space to concentrate on being productive and can avoid falling behind.

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