Modular storage systemsWhen you are looking to add storage, there are several storage options to choose from.  Determining the type of storage system you need can make a substantial difference in your organization’s operational efficiency. 

The extensive range of storage options available can be categorized into modular or static.

Modular storage and static shelving system have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it becomes crucial to pick the right option depending on your unique requirements. The choice largely depends on variables such as the items in storage, how often they are accessed, space availability, and safety.

Stationary storage units are widely used for various storage applications for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. However, based on your application, there are functional limitations to using a stationary storage rack. 

To make the right decision, it is necessary to understand what both these options have to offer. This guide discusses both modular and static storage in detail to help you make the right choice.

The Attributes of Traditional Shelving 

Static storage shelving

The market price for static shelving is less compared to modular storage, and static shelving does not require any training to operate. However, it is necessary to consider various other factors such as space availability, time, and safety. 

Traditional or static storage cabinets are generally stacked onto each other or arranged in a row. They stay stationary and do not move or slide out. However, it is possible to retrieve items through an aisle or machine access point. While these storage systems are easy to use, they cover considerable space and are difficult to move from one location to another. 

Static storage systems are more common in warehouses or storage units. These types of storage units make more sense when you are storing items for extended periods and do not need frequent retrieval. However, traditional shelves offer limited benefits in an active work environment where you need quick access and a clearer picture of where the required items are located.

Stationary shelves are also manually operated, making them more suitable for convenience stores or showrooms where products are kept for display. Manual use, however, hinders safety for industries, warehouses, and offices where the stored articles need movement from time to time.

What Is Modular Storage?

Modular sstorage system drawers traysModular storage systems are easy to construct and deconstruct according to required storage needs. These highly adaptable storage systems comprise specially devised components for individual configurations.  With a certain modularly in your storage systems, your organization becomes more adaptable to new situations.

Modular office storage systems are relevant for almost all modern workspaces where safety, space management, and ease of access are prioritized. Modularization not only expands your storage capabilities but enhances organizational performance by helping keep the everyday tasks more efficient. 

Personalized modular storage enhances your organization’s productivity by rendering a safer work environment and conferring an ergonomic experience for the individuals operating them. 

The benefits of modular storage underlined below will give you a better perspective. 

Key Benefits of Modular Storage Systems

Cost: Modular storage systems help you cut hidden costs concerned with time, safety, and space. Timely access helps avoid any mismanagement resulting in loss of opportunity or delay in processes leading to underproduction. These storage systems also eliminate the need for frequent renovations or offsite storage. 

Space: Modular systems are ideal for storage space optimization due to their compact design. The two main advantages of space optimization through modular storage are increased overall storage capacity and extra floor space. In addition, modularization accommodates high-density storage while maintaining easy access.

Safety: Modular shelving requires minimal manual interference, which reduces the chances of any potential safety concerns. Additional safety mechanisms such as sensors and easy-to-access design make modular storage safe in comparison with fixed shelves. The storage or shelving system protects the stored items against dust and debris to keep them well preserved.

Security: Unlike traditional storage, these systems are installed with locks. A centrally located storage is better protected from theft and misplacement of items. Modular storage systems are compact, allowing you to store everything in one dedicated place and effectively employ your security protocols. 


Aesthetics: Modular shelving makes your storage space look more organized and your workplace less congested. With several movable and customizable parts, you can design your own layout. You can also personalize custom modular cabinets to go with a selected theme. 

Modular Storage Systems at Southwest Solutions

Southwest Solutions Group helps you enhance work efficiency by optimizing your storage space at the most reasonable cost. We craft our storage designs to meet your diverse needs. Our modular storage systems are available in several variations, including these:

Rousseau Modular Cabinets and Drawers

Modular cabinets drawersModular drawers have about a 50% edge in space-efficiency above plastic storage bins. These drawers come in several height variations ranging from 2″ to 15″. You can also specify drawer widths spanning between 30″ to 60″. It is easier to have modular storage drawers partitioned to meet the desired layout depending on your unique storage requirements. Modular drawers also protect the storage from dust and your work floor from clutter, giving it a professional image. 

High-Density Modular Storage

High-density shelving, as the name suggests, is designed for high-density compact shelving. These heavy-duty storage systems extensively increase your storage capacity in a cost-effective way. High-density storage units are mounted on tracks and cluster together while you can open an access aisle with the push of a button. This feature uncovers a substantial amount of foot space, allowing you to conduct other revenue-centric operations in your facility.

Modular Box Storage

Get your paper records and boxes organized with modular box storage. These types of storage units are designed to keep boxes secure and closely packed, giving your office extra space. Sliding box storage is suitable for offices of all sizes and is generally positioned against the wall, capable of moving back and forth when access is required. Box storage shelves for high-density storage are used for larger applications or industrial use. 

Industries Which Benefit from Modular Storage 

Modular storage systems are in use in various industries, such as:


Healthcare facilities need to have a thoroughly organized inventory and a precise idea of where specific items are located. In addition, hospitals need enough space to function and accommodate the maximum number of patients in case of emergencies. Modular storage can be easily reconfigured, and hospitals can store medical supplies and equipment extensively without compromising space. We believe that efficient storage systems will lead to better health outcomes.

Life sciences 

Modular laboratory storage and furniture are designed to deliver safety and storage efficiency. You can choose from a wide range of build materials for your modular casework, including stainless steel, metal, and laminated alternatives. The casework is built to withstand harsh chemicals and is also easy to clean. These types of modular storage systems complement safety by reducing manual work in laboratory environments. 


Whether a busy office space or a retail store, modular storage cabinets and shelving can expedite everyday processes and expand storage capabilities for any commercial use. Readiness of access saves a substantial amount of time, which is otherwise wasted in navigating cluttered storage systems. In addition, modularization expedites inventory management and helps you keep better track of your stock availability. 


Modular storage is capable of storing items of different sizes, making them ideal for industrial use. These flexible storage systems are capable of holding items that are of different shapes and sizes. You can reconfigure this storage solution as per your growing storage needs and stock extensively without making further investments. Easy access and safety are two significant advantages of using modular storage in an industrial environment.


Increasing the volume of records in government offices can hinder effective administration. Compact storage capabilities are an innate characteristic of modular storage systems which help government institutions store records and official documents methodically. These records are sometimes sensitive and need storage in a secure environment, modular storage systems are lockable, and you can add other measures for additional security. 

Get Your Ideal Storage System with Southwest Solutions

Personalized storage systems at Southwest Solutions Group are intricately devised to enhance productivity. Our expert designers work closely with clients to map out a complete storage structure that could accelerate the completion of their growth objectives. 

Our end-to-end service methodology ensures that all your storage requirements are covered in the most cost-effective way. We have served a wide range of industries, including museums, libraries, government, public safety, and art galleries. We utilize our learnings to amalgamate different design variations to fabricate the most efficient alternative.

We believe that smart storage systems play an important part in an organization’s success. Our competitive attitude helps us keep up with the ever-changing industrial environment and develop cutting-edge storage designs. With our experience and expertise, you can exceed your storage limits in new ways.

Contact us today to learn how you can achieve more with your existing floor space with modular storage systems.