football gear storage and organizationWhat do the equipment mangers for the nation’s top college and professional football teams use to store their gear? The answer: Spacesaver mobile shelving! And they don’t just choose Spacesaver because of all the space saved, extra security, organizational features, or customized logo end panels. The top teams choose Spacesaver mobile shelving because they know to be the best, you need the best equipment.

And even though each team has their own special needs, Spacesaver mobile shelving is flexible enough to handle even the toughest challenges. Here are just a few of the teams that rely on Spacesaver to help them store football equipment and gear.

Seattle Seahawks

The last two years, the Seattle Seahawks have dominated the field – competing in the Super Bowl this year and winning in 2014. And what do these champions use to store gear and equipment? You guessed it – Spacesaver! They even liked the mobile shelving so much, they installed it in the Seattle Sounders Football Club too. Click here to learn more about their mobile shelving system.

Oklahoma State University (OSU)OSU football equipment storage

We’ve been working with the equipment managers at OSU for years, helping them make the most of their space with Spacesaver mobile shelving. A few years ago we installed mobile shelving for football helmet storage, and here’s what they had to say,

“We absolutely love our mobile storage shelving.  I’m amazed at the unique storage solutions you have to offer.  We appreciate how Steve listened to our requirements and came up with a very practical storage solution.”

In fact, we recently worked with OSU again to design more mobile shelving. This time with custom end panels that show off how successful the team has been over the years.  Click to view our athletic equipment storage videos!

University of Arkansas

football gear stored in mobile shelvingLike many football teams, the University of Arkansas was running out of storage space. When they got the chance to remodel their equipment room, they wanted an area for storage, but also a space for repairing equipment. Mobile shelving was the best option, because without it, there’s no way the team would have been able to store everything they needed. Check out images of the room and the creatively designed end panels that feature the Razorback mascot.

University of Alabama

‘Bama is no slouch on the field. In fact, the Crimson Tide has won 15 national championship trophies – three in the past seven years! With so much success and history, it’s no wonder they use Spacesaver mobile shelving. Learn more about the team’s stored system here.

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