high density shelving storing museum whale bonesIf you weren’t already aware, high density shelving applications are extremely versatile; it will store anything, anywhere. Whether the high density shelving is in an odd place, storing something totally unexpected, or designed in a one-of-a-kind way, these high density shelving applications highlight all the crazy stuff you can do.

Storing Whale and Large Mammal Bones

Big or small, museums store so many things that help educate and inform us about the past and present. For a natural history museum, the big items they needed help storing were whale and other large mammal bones. The high density shelving easily houses all the bones and ensures they are kept safe while remaining accessible. To learn more about this project, click here.

A Self-Contained Library Gift Shopmanualmobilemovingshelvinggiftshopstorekiosklockinginaboxlockslidingshelvesstorageretailcondense.gif

The Seattle Public Library is an amazing, light-filled space. And part of that is due to the high density and cantilever shelving. But the most unique part of this project is the self-contained gift shop that was created from high density shelving.

The store literally unfolds in the middle of the library as the shelves are spread apart and locked down. Special retail shelving and carriage rail covers were designed to provide a convenient, safe public space. Download the entire case study here.

Managing Giant, Heavy Torpedoes

temperature controlled beer keg storage high density shelvingA Naval museum has a large collection of torpedoes, some weighing upwards of 6,000 lbs. In order to store them all on-site and provide forklift access, the museum invested in high density shelving. Watch a video here to see the shelving in action.

Increasing Beer Storage Capacity

Areas that require climate control are expensive to build; how you use every inch of floor space matters. That’s why a craft beer distributor needed an out-of-the-box solution for storing kegs. And they needed to maintain selectivity. High density shelving was the perfect solution. Read the full story here.

The Next Level of PVC Tubing

PVC tubes are used for all kinds of things, and in this case, they store architectural drawings. Instead of cubby type shelves or drawers, this high density shelving system was outfitted with PVC tubing.

What Do You Want High Density Shelving to Do?

These are just some of the ways high density shelving has been adapted to meet unique storage challenges. So if you have something you need stored, get in touch! With over 40 years of experience, we can create the high density shelving you need.