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Storage on Rails Mobile Rack and Shelving SystemHas your storage area become cramped because you are running out of and need more floor space? Are you finding that parts and supplies are disorganized and not where they are supposed to be and you are wasting time trying to find them? Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore with Storage on Rails. The Storage on Rails System keeps you organized while reducing your storage area and increasing productivity.

What is Storage on Rails?

Manual Storage on Rails SystemStorage on Rails is exactly what it sounds like. It is a storage system that is placed on rails that roll together to create an efficient compact storage area. The Storage on Rails Mobile Rack and Shelving System converts traditional access storage aisles into one or two movable access aisles based on your activity level. The Storage on Rails System can reduce your storage area by up to 50% or more. Storage on Rails can be used with four drawer file cabinets or even using your existing stationary shelving. Now you can use that extra room for other uses or add more Storage on Rails for additional storage. (click here to watch storage on rails space saving video)

What Can I Store in a Storage on Rail System?

Space Saving High Density Storage Shelving on RailsHere are just a few applications that can be stored on Storage on Rails:

• Archival Record File Boxes

• Your exiting File Cabinets

• Clean Room storage of all types of items

• Sports Athletic Gear

• Healthcare pharmaceuticals and medical patient charts

• Museum artwork and artifacts

• Military mobility bags and armory weapons

• Law Enforcement evidence, weapons, and uniforms

• Library books and archival boxes

• Industrial Pallets

• Law Office Redrope File Pockets

How do you Open the Access Aisles for the Storage on Rails?

High Density Shleving Racks on RailsThere are three modes of operation available for Storage on Rails. The first is a manual pull handle system. The manual pull system is only recommended for small Storage on Rail Systems that are not accessed very often. The second mode of operation is a mechanical assist hand crank. The mechanical assist is a three spoke or steering wheel like handle that you turn to open the system to create the access aisle. The handle is easy to use and available in several different turning effort ratios to make sure the system’s weight requires little effort to turn the handle mechanism. One mechanical assist handle will typically move up to six or more rows of fully loaded Storage on Rail’s cabinets very easily. The third option is the push button. The push button operation is the easiest and requires no force or action from the person trying to open the system. The powered push button Storage on Rails system is convenient and easy to use and comes with many standard and optional safety features. (click here to view powered Storage on Rails video)Mobile storage on rails racks on tracks pallet racking shelving system

If you are ready to invest in Storage on Rails to save floor space, increase productivity, and get organized, then call us at 1-800-803-1083 so one of our Storage on Rails specialists can get to work designing and creating your system!