Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving Safety Devices Provide You with Safe Storage

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If you are worried about the safety and security of powered mobile shelving, don’t be. Spacesaver® Powered Mobile Shelving has the most innovative and reliable safety devices on the market. All of the Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving safety devices are guaranteed to protect people and objects while operating the storage system. The only thing you have to decide is which safety device will best meet your storage needs.

Three Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving Safety Devices

There are three types of Spacesaver safety devices for secure and safe storage: Photo Sweep®, Photo Sweep with Aisle Entry, and Zero Force Sensor® (ZFS®) System (see powered mobile shelving images).

Three types of Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving Safety Devices

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Photo Sweep: Is the baseline security device for all Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving. The photo sweep mounts to the bottom of the mobile shelving carriages and sends an infrared photoelectric beam from one end of the mobile shelving carriage to the other. When the infrared photo beam is interrupted by a person or object in an open aisle, the mobile shelving carriage will immediately stop before it touches the object in the aisle. In order for the powered shelving system to resume movement the operator must reset the safety device control button located on the front of the mobile shelving system.

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Photo Sweep with Aisle Entry: Uses the same infrared photoelectric beam at the bottom of the mobile shelving carriages mentioned above, plus an infrared aisle entry sensor. The infrared aisle entry sensor transmits an infrared beam across the open aisle of the mobile shelving. When a person enters the open aisle, the aisle entry safety beam is interrupted and stops all mobile shelving carriages from moving. When the person leaves the aisle and interrupts the aisle sensor safety device the second time, operation of the mobile shelving system is restored. As with all Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving Safety Devices the operator is forced to reset the safety control button on the front of the system at the open aisle to resume operation of the system. What this really means is that someone has to walk up to the front of the mobile shelving system and look in the open aisle to reset the safety device control button.

Zero Force Sensor (ZFS) System: Is the most advanced Powered Mobile Shelving safety device on the market. This safety system is ideal for highly active mobile shelving systems. ZFS provides a completely proactive method of protecting people and objects in the open aisles at all times. The ZFS mobile shelving safety device transmits a network of infrared beams across the floor of the open aisle so there is never a question about the safety of an object left on the floor in an open aisle. Also, this mobile shelving safety device prevents someone deliberately and intentionally trying to outwit the safety devices providing the ultimate in mobile shelving safe storage.

Designing and Installing Spacesaver Powered Mobile Shelving for Safe Storage

Engineering safety devices for all Mobile Shelving Systems is paramount with Spacesaver and Southwest Solutions Group®. In fact, Spacesaver has pioneered virtually every significant safety device in the powered mobile shelving industry. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email to ensure the mobile shelving system you are planning has the safety devices you need.

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