Spacesaver® Corporation– Your GREENGUARD® Certified Sustainable Storage Partner

With so much hype out there in the commercial construction world about green building, it is hard to know who can really help you. Southwest Solutions Group takes sustainable green storage seriously, and we have helped many facilities trying to obtain LEED Certification with Spacesaver GREENGUARD Certified high density storage systems. We provide innovative storage solutions that will really make a difference in how you utilize space.

How Does Spacesaver Provide Green Storage?

One of the goals of green storage is to reduce the carbon footprint of a building, which preserves open space because a smaller building requires less energy. One way to accomplish this goal is by making better use of the space you currently have. Reducing non-productive square footage and allowing that space to be used for work areas and other high visibility and functional spaces can be accomplished with Spacesaver high density mobile storage. The Spacesaver high density storage system works by eliminating the aisle spaces located between traditional, static shelves. Shelves or cabinets are mounted on rolling carriages set onto floor tracks and roll together to save floor space and energy costs.

Who is Going Green with Spacesaver Storage?

Here are just some of the industries that have invested in green-friendly high density storage:

• Museums

• Public Education

• Public Safety

• Military

• Manufacturing

• Healthcare

For more information on how a Spacesaver high density shelving system can help your business go green, call us at 1-800-803-1083!