space efficient offsite library archive book storageHigh Density Shelving Extends Even Higher for Library Book Storage

In Part One of our series on space saving storage solutions for library book shelving, we discussed how mobile high density book shelves could be used to reduce floor space requirements for storing rarely used books and archival materials in the main library. In Part Two, we are going to focus on the increasing trend of offsite library depository storage.

Library Archival Book Depositories – A New Trend for Libraries

Spacesaver XTend Mobile High-Bay Book Depository ShelvingBecause of the limited on-site storage space in libraries, there is a growing trend where libraries are moving rarely used books and other archival materials to offsite depository storage facilities. These temperature controlled facilities are designed specifically for inactive and archive material storage. The focal point of depository storage facilities is a space efficient building design that reduces operating costs (lighting, temperature, humidity, air circulation) associated with preserving archived books. These depository storage facilities can be expensive, and with more books coming in libraries need a system that allows them to maximize the use of their floor space. Libraries can accomplish this with a Spacesaver® XTend™ Mobile High-Bay Shelving System.

Extend Your Storage Up with Spacesaver® XTend™ Mobile High-Bay Book Depository Shelving

High Bay archive library book storageThe Spacesaver® XTend™ Mobile High-Bay Book Shelving provides all the qualities and requirements for efficient depository facilities. The XTend system is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly because its smaller building footprint conserves both space and energy. The Spacesaver XTend shelving units extend up to 35 feet in height with up to 30 tiers of shelves. Long rows of these 35 foot high shelving modules roll on moving carriage structures to eliminate unnecessary aisles and compact storage to save floor space. With just the push of a button, the Spacesaver XTend system creates an aisle when and where needed to retrieve stored books, archive boxes, or other items.

Spacesaver® XTend™ Protects Users and Stored Archives

Spacesaver high density compact book shelvingThe Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Book Depository Shelving System is equipped with safety features to protect the materials and users of the system. The XTend shelving is equipped with fail-safe electronic systems to stop the shelving movement when a person enters a moveable aisle. Also, the Spacesaver XTend is approved for fire safety by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). The Spacesaver XTend shelving integrates with early fire suppression providing fast response to sprinklers to greatly minimize the risk of fires damaging valuable library collections.

Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in designing, installing, and servicing Spacesaver XTend Mobile High Bay Book Depository Shelving for offsite library facilities that maximize floor space and control energy costs. If you have an interest in a Spacesaver High Density Compact Book Shelving or XTend Mobile High-Bay Shelving system, call us today at 1-800-803-1083 and request a free storage assessment from our team of library specialists.