eco-friendly high density mobile storage shelving green friendly rolling shelves Spacesaver GREENGUARD Certified productsGreen Storage Products That Bring You One Step Closer to LEED Certification

Are you looking to invest in environmentally friendly GREENGUARD® Certified storage products? Whether you are trying to get LEED Certified or you just want to be more environmentally friendly, we have an exciting announcement for you. Spacesaver® has achieved GREENGUARD Certification for their innovative storage products. Now you can install high density mobile shelving and other innovative Spacesaver storage products that can contribute to a LEED Certified project.

Why buy Spacesaver GREENGUARD Products?green storage locker solutions GREENGUARD certified products environmentally friendly law enfocement storage equipment

First of all, Spacesaver GREENGUARD Certified storage products help you get your LEED Certification by reducing your carbon footprint by 50% or more. Even if you’re not pursuing LEED Certification on a new construction project, then you can still help the environment by making your office more space efficient and productive. The impact of Spacesaver storage and filing systems are- smaller more energy efficient buildings, lower construction costs, and less energy to light, heat and cool buildings.

What Are Some of Spacesaver’s GREENGUARD Certified Products?

Spacesaver GREENGUARD Certified products medical Pharmacy supply racks green friendly bins storageHere are just a few of the many GREENGUARD products offered by Spacesaver that will save floor space and increase productivity while helping the environment:

High Density File and Storage Shelving

ActivRAC Mobile Bulk and Pallet Storage Racks

Bi-File and Tri-File Sliding Shelving

Rotary Mixed Media Spinning Cabinets

Personal Gear Storage Lockers

FrameWRX™ Pharmacy and Medical Supply Storage Racks

Steel Four-Post Storage and File Shelving

Rolling Compact Art Racks

More About GREENGUARD and How Spacesaver was Certifiedenvironmentally friendly storage art storage systems green storage solutions eco-friendly art racks

GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) was founded in 2001 with the mission of improving health and quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality. GEI certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions and provides a free resource for choosing healthier products and materials that improve indoor the quality of indoor work environments.

Spacesaver storage products passed a series of demanding tests required by GEI that determined their products have low chemical emissions suitable for enhancing the indoor work environment. GEI will monitor these products each quarter to maintain low emitting status.

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