Designing Space Efficient Storage in Small Offices

Designing and creating efficient storage systems for small office spacesThese days space can be a precious commodity. Many people work in small offices that are located in downtown high rise buildings where rent can be very expensive. While the high cost of floor space is a necessary evil, it can be the foundation for inspiration to create a very creative eco-friendly design that maximizes and uses every inch of available space. Careful planning of filing and storage areas can help companies conserve floor space for more stylish areas that communicate confidence like reception areas, conference rooms, additional workstations, and break rooms.

Now You Can Get Really Creative with Designing Your Office SpaceCost efficient high density file storage shelving for small office spaces

When you are designing an office space, one of the last things you or the client wants to think about is where they are going to store their paperwork, files, and office supplies but these are necessary items for running a successful business, which means you have to factor them in. Your choices are expensive high quality lateral file cabinets that hog floor space, cheap ugly file cabinets that hog floor space, or space efficient high density filing systems that save floor space and combine elegance and high quality at a more feasible cost. The choice is clear when you consider that Spacesaver’s mobile high density storage systems have the same storage capacity as lateral filing cabinets but take up 66% less floor space.

high density shelving overhead carriage lighting for green friendly storageLighting Can Make the Difference in Storage Areas

If you are worried that Spacesaver® high density compact shelving will have a detrimental effect on the office lighting, don’t. There is a wide selection of face/end panels to chose from that can help reflect light. For example, acrylic frosted panels can be used to let the natural light shine through. Filling an office with natural light will make your client and their employees feel happy and warm. Lighting can be used in all kinds of creative ways with high density shelving, but it’s up to the architect and designer to make that happen.

You can also add optional overhead lighting Spacesaver high density systems for safety and convenience. That way when an aisle is opened, the lights turn on automatically over just that aisle or the entire system. Just lighting a small area is very environmentally friendly because it reduces overall energy consumption.Spacesaver high density storage saves space and organizes small office storage areas

GREENGUARD® Eco-Friendly Efficient Storage Spaces

Spacesaver high density storage systems are GREENGUARD® Certified and can be used to help companies reach their LEED Certification on new construction projects. Many companies these days are investing in building smaller spaces because smaller buildings can reduce their carbon footprint and even a small space has huge eco possibilities. The impact of Spacesaver storage and filing systems are smaller energy efficient buil, lower construction costs, and less energy to light, heat and cool buildings.

Planning and Desgning compact office storage systems for small areasDesign and Storage Planning Experts

There are many innovative and creative ways to minimize the required storage space areas and produce more fashionable office impact areas. We have been assisting clients, architects, and designers with innovative storage solutions since 1969, and we understand the challenges of today’s office space and know what it takes to make a small area efficient and organized. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083.