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Reduce Construction and Lease Space Costs with Space saver High Density Shelving

Right sizing you filing and storage system with high density file and storage shelving will reduce construction and lease space costs.  Less floor space means less space to heat, air condition, light, and insure reducing building operating costs.  Make you facility more energy efficient with a high density filing or storage shelving system.

Space saver High Density Filing and Storage Shelving Systems Have a Quick Return On Investment (ROI)

A recent client invested in 17 Space saver high density shelving systems for their filing areas, and showed a Return on Investment (ROI) of less than 16 months. High density file shelving with color-coded file folders save valuable floor space and increase employee productivity.  High density file shelving with color coded file folders increased the clients productivity by over 35%. Once you see how a high density file shelving system will make your file room more space efficient and productive, they never go back to traditional filing cabinets.

Space saver High Density File Shelving is Less Expensive Than Traditional File Cabinets

Did you know that traditional filing cabinets cost more than high-density file shelving?  Contact us today and we will show you how you can save time and space with a high density filing or storage shelving system.