Store Scuba gear and equipment in high density shelvingOrganize Scuba Gear Dive Equipment in Functional Shelves and Lockers

Scuba gear and diving equipment is expensive and needs to be organized and properly maintained when it is not in use; however, because diving gear can range from small items like masks and gauges to large items like wetsuit and scuba tank, it can be a challenge to create a functional and organized space to store your equipment. How to store scuba gear? Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in designing all kinds of racks, shelves, cabinets, and lockers that will meet your exact scuba gear and diving equipment storage requirements.Scuba equipment shelving and cubbies

Scuba Gear Cabinets and Diving Gear Lockers for Wetsuit and Tank Storage

As a scuba diver, you know that storing wetsuits in a hanging position prevents them from being ripped, torn, or damaged by insects. It is also important to store all your equipment indoors and keep it as dry as possible. If your storage area is too humid, you can use dehumidifiers, silica gels, or charcoal based absorption bags to reduce it. You can also hang boots, buoyancy compensators, scuba regulators, and fins. Remember that having your scuba regulators coiled for too long might cause damage. Our specially designed scuba diving gear lockers and racks will allow you to hang your wetsuits and scuba diving equipment, in open shelves or add lockable doors to keep them secure and safe. Lockers and cabinets can also be used to store scuba cylinders.

Modular dive kit storage shelving and lockersHigh Density Shelving and Racks for Scuba Cylinder Tanks and Diving Equipment

Another great way to store scuba cylinders is in high density shelving. Because scuba tanks can take up a lot of room and need to be rotated, a high density system is a great choice to consolidate tanks and save floor space while increasing the selectivity of a stored scuba tank. The way the high density system works is by reducing the need for access aisles between every row of scuba storage shelving. You can also keep them locked up with tambour rolling doors or even ventilated doors that can easily be installed on high density shelving and racks.

Storing Diving Kits and Small Parts with Modular Drawers in Shelvinghigh density storage shelving for scuba gear and equipment

Modular drawers are a flexible and functional solution for storing all kinds of small scuba equipment and dive gear kits. While shelves provide easy storage for your dive bag, dive light or torch, reel, and scuba mask, you may want to consider adding some modular drawers to store smaller parts and spare parts. Modular drawers provide great organization for small parts, as well as lockable security and dust protection.

Lastly, we provide all types and sizes of work benches and tables to repair and inspect your scuba diving equipment. The best part about modular casework is its flexibility and ability to be reconfigured and relocated any time you remodel or move.

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