Reduce the Building Footprint of Your Government Agencysave-n-aisle storage systems high capacity system

Due to budget and space constraints, government agencies are looking to reduce their building footprint. The idea is to stop expanding and start saving by co-locating and consolidating stored items. This will allow you to build or lease less space to lower real estate costs. One area that is often overlooked is your storage space. With save-n-aisle storage systems, it’s easy to transform your storage area into an organized, easily accessible space that will reduce the overall footprint of your government agency.

rolling double depth system save-n-aisle storage systemHow Do Save-n-Aisle Storage Systems Work?

What does save-n-aisle mean exactly? Instead of having an aisle in between every row of shelving, you can “save an aisle” by removing these unnecessary access aisles. There are a few different types of save-n-aisle storage systems: a high capacity system, a rolling double depth system, and a pull-out system.

The high capacity system works by placing shelves onto carriages that are mounted onto tracks attached to the floor. The shelves move on the tracks to compact together. When you need to access stored items, you simply push a button or turn a handle and the system opens up an aisle. This system will also work with all kinds of cabinets and racks.

The rolling double depth system works with two rows of shelving, one in front of the other. The front shelving sections roll back and forth on floor tracks to allow access to items stored in the stationary back row. This system works with both shelves and cabinets, including your existing ones.pull-out system save an aisle storage

With the pull-out system, shelves slide in and out, making access aisles unnecessary. The natural egress aisle in front of the cabinet is used as an access aisle so that the system can fit in tight spaces, between wall columns, in alcoves, and more.

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Reducing your building footprint isn’t the easiest thing for government agencies to do, but with the “save an aisle” concept you can make a big difference. All of our save-n-aisle storage systems are available on GSA and TXMAS contracts. Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will put you in touch with the specialist in your area.