One of the main concerns architects and interior designers have about using high density shelving on upper floors is floor loading. Many times, the weight of the storage system requires you to reinforce the floor structure, which creates additional work and headaches. But we’ve developed a solution that removes these floor loading challenges when installing high density shelving on upper floors – magic rails.

How Magic Rails Distribute the Weight of High Density Shelving

Magic rails use the following four steps to distribute the weight load of high density shelving:

  1. Addition of supplementary rails that distribute the system’s weight load
  2. Using structural “I beam” rails
  3. Positioning high density shelving rails directly over the building’s beams
  4. Using L/360 automatic braking system

Why Use Automatic Brakes on Upper Building Floors

Automatic brakes help eliminate the need for costly building floor reinforcement under the high density shelving. All carriages are equipped with a UL listed 12VDC automatic brake that has a holding force sufficient enough to prevent carriage drift on floor systems deflecting up to L/360.

Benefits of Using Magic Rails to Remove Floor Loading Challenges

  • Elimination of costly modifications to the building’s floor support structure
  • No disruptions to building tenants on the floor below
  • No project delays while waiting weeks for the building structure to be modified
  • Savings on tenant improvement dollars
  • Magic rails weight distribution system works 75% of the time in buildings with a 70 lbs. per square foot floor rating
  • Minimizes time spent dealing with structural engineers

Get More Information to Solve Your Floor Loading Challenges

Southwest Solutions Group® has been working with architects and interior designers to design and install high density shelving since 1969. We even offer a CE seminar/luncheon specifically focused on understanding and overcoming floor loading challenges.

To learn more about how we can help with high density shelving on your next project, give us a call at 1-800-1083 or send us a message. We will put you in touch with the high density shelving expert in your area.