Healthcare equipment planners architects hospital storage mobile shelving dallas houston san antonio austinOne of the most frustrating things about planning a new healthcare facility is arranging the equipment. Attainia equipment planning software has eased this burden over the past several years, but there’s still been one nagging issue: storage systems. After all of the equipment is organized in Attainia for a new facility, the planner still has to go out and separately match up the storage systems they needed for the healthcare facility. A new partnership between Spacesaver® and Attainia is about to make that problem a thing of the past. The partnership has made a number of Spacesaver products including – high density mobile filing and storage shelving, CoreSTOR patient room supply cabinets, FrameWRX pharmaceutical supply shelving, wire supply shelving, personnel lockers and more (view gallery of medical storage equipement) – available in Attainia. This means that storage systems needs are met earlier in the planning and budgeting process and that healthcare planners are given the opportunity to make sure they have the right storage solution in place from day one.FrameWRX pharmaceutical supply mobile shelving Health care planning equipment Healthcare medical storage kansas city little rock memphis oklahoma

Healthcare Equipment Planning and Design Integration

In some ways, this is the next logical step in the overall process of streamlining healthcare planning. Spacesaver solutions are already in REVIT 3D modeling software, the leading healthcare architect and design solution. Architects and designers already had the ability to drop Spacesaver storage and filing solutions into their process, and this partnership gives that same ease of use to planners. Now, the planning and design materials you need starting at planning can move all the way through the build process in a seamless, end-to-end manner.

CoreSTOR patient room supply cabinets Healthcare planner storage solutions Spacesaver mobile shelving memphis little rock oklahoma city kansas missouriHow the Attainia Equipment Planning Software Works

Here’s an example of how this partnership makes the healthcare planner’s life easier. Let’s suppose your company is building a new hospital. Your materials management department tells the equipment planners they want some specific CoreSTOR or FrameWRX storage equipment solutions. Using their REVIT building models and Attainia software, they drop the design files into the rooms where you need them. The Attainia component gives them all of the information they need – dimensions, size, weight, price, and even REVIT configured files. You have your estimate, and the planner has everything they need to move forward.

Real Benefits to Healthcare Equipment Planners

Health care planning design solutions medical high density mobile filing Health care planning equipment memphis tennessee dallas san antonioUltimately, this partnership gives the healthcare planning industry several specific benefits, including:

• Fewer budget surprises. Having pricing data and specifications early in the process means fewer budget revisions as the project moves forward.

• Fewer revisions. Fewer revisions translate into cost savings, and not having to scramble to implement storage systems as an afterthought.

• Increased productivity. Attainia’s planning solution, coupled with access to Spacesaver product line data, means healthcare planners spend less time flipping back and forth to find what they need.

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