The Chargers Get Organized in San Antonio

Do you remember the school locker rooms of yesteryear? I do, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (and jealous) right now as I walk through the athletics facility at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, TX. Yes, I said F-A-C-I-L-I-T-Y… These are educators serious about sports, and serious about keeping things organized, all-the-while pumping up the moral of the student body. Like as serious as individual sport “cages” where uniforms and accessories get stored in, you guessed it, Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems. A storage system specifically designed for this facility and its use.charger football equipment mobile storage

Not just focusing on the football program, the kids in here are getting ready for other sports like Tennis, Baseball, Basketball and Gymnastics – and those programs have their own space to keep their stuff! All the gear – the uniforms, bats, balls, rackets, helmets, pads, supplies, trophies, endorsement deals, pro contracts…. Wait, maybe not those last few – but all the rest for sure.

Then of course, there’s the Football team’s equipment storage; custom end-panel graphics, just like in the individual sport cages, along with custom shelving and bins to accommodate EXACTLY what they store; the helmets are dry because they’re on racks to keep them that way, the pads are organized because they’re in suctom cubbies to keep them that way, the cleats and shoes are in bins and boxes – because they stay organized that way – these systems were custom built to accommodate this facility and its commitment to athletics.sports storage locker room cage

So now you’re thinking, “man, they sure have a lot of storage in this place” – well, sure they do – but it doesn’t take up half as much space as standard sports equipment storage – and that means more space for the important stuff like playing fields, courts, stadiums and most importantly – students.

I know, I know – “they tend to do things bigger in Texas” and all that – but in this case, “they’re doing it in a smaller footprint and with more organization than ever”. O.K. so it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it works for me – and it works for the Churchill High School Chargers. For more information visit our website at or call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083.