High Density Storage Shelving Optimizes K-12 School Construction Costs by Saving Floor Spacehigh density storage shelving optimizes school construction cost

Architects looking for ways to optimize new K-12 school construction costs will want to consider a high density storage shelving system because it makes the best use of the school’s floor space. A high density storage shelving system is an easy expense to justify because it will save 60% of floor space when compared to conventional shelving and prevent you from having to add that extra square footage onto the new building. This is especially important with schools, where space is always at a premium and funding is tight.

High Density Storage Shelving Centralizes K-12 School Equipment and Supplieshigh density storage shelving for k-12 schools

In the past high density systems were typically only used in school administrative areas and the library; however, academic departments have the same types of storage needs. Organizing supplies like textbooks and laboratory supplies outside of the classroom allows easy access to a central storage area for everyone in the department. This removes clutter from the classroom and frees up space for more bookshelves, counters and work space, tack boards and storage space for items used daily. Centralized high density storage shelving makes for less student distractions, and a more comfortable environment that is more conducive to teaching and learning. (high density storage shelving photos)

What Types of Materials Can Academic Departments Store in High Density Storage Shelving Systemsk-12 school sheet music in a high density storage shelving system

Here are some examples of what different academic departments throughout the school can store in high density storage shelving,

• Agriculture: FFA Club equipment and supplies, magazines, and books

• Art: Artwork, art boards, art supplies, and molds

• Foreign language: Books, videos, audio tapes, and teaching aids

• Language arts: Novels and textbooks

• Math: Textbooks, calculators, graphing paper, and rulers

• Music: Band instruments, sheet music, uniforms, and equipment

• School store: Business Club merchandise, school supplies and spirit wear

• Science: laboratory equipment, materials, and textbooks

• Social studies: Videos, supplies, and textbooks

High Density Storage Shelving Design and Planning Assistance for K-12 Schools

school merchandise stored in high density storage shelvingSouthwest Solutions Group® has been providing high density storage shelving to K-12 schools since 1969. Our trained representatives are knowledgeable in innovative layout designs including ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications to bring you the best value and efficient solutions. If you are interested in finding out more information about how a high density storage shelving system will meet your school’s space and budget needs, then give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email.