The Case of Lateral File Cabinets versus High Density Shelvinglaw firm hand crank high density shelving

When a Dallas law firm had to decide between using lateral file cabinets or high density shelving in their new office, they asked the storage and filing professionals at Southwest Solutions Group® to help them with the case. Lateral file cabinets and high density shelving were compared in four categories: using less floor space, more storage capacity, faster return on investment (ROI), and better flexibility. After careful deliberation verdict was in; the law firm determined that high density shelving was the unanimous winner in every category! Continue reading below for the court transcripts. (more law firm storage solutions)

Category One: Using Less Floor Space

high density shelving for law firm plan drawingThe first category that was looked at was which system uses less floor space. To start the proceedings, lateral file cabinets took the witness stand and determined they would take up 1,370 square feet. High density shelving was next on the witness stand and revealed they would only use 350 square feet of floor space. High density shelving also countered that because they would save over 1,000 square feet, the law firm could lease a smaller office space. (view high density shelving image gallery)

Category Two: More Storage Capacity

The next category was which system had more storage capacity. The lateral file cabinets admitted that the law firm would need 30 more file cabinets to reach the same storage capacity as the high density shelving.high density shelving units

Category Three: Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

After admitting that the law firm would have to lease more office space and buy more file cabinets, the lateral file cabinets conceded that the high density shelving would produce a faster return on investment (ROI). The lateral file cabinets would actually cost the law firm money; whereas, the high density shelving would pay for itself in space savings and increased storage capacity.

high density shelving floor tracksCategory Four: Better Flexibility

Even though the high density shelving was clearly winning at this point in the case, they had one more category to go – which system provided better flexibility. High density shelving took the stand and declared that the law firm can store more than just files in the shelving; they can store record boxes too. In fact, the high density shelving could store all 1,334 record boxes the law firm had, eliminating their off-site storage.

High Density Shelving Declared the Winner

In the end, deliberations lasted only one hour, and high density shelving was unanimously declared the winner.

high density shelving versus lateral file cabinets comparison chart

If you need help making the case between your existing filing or storage system and high density shelving, the experts at Southwest Solutions Group can help. Just give them a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send them an email!