high density storage shelving racks systems leed certification designDo you wish you had more available floor space?

As you walk through your office building, you think once again about the good old days. Five years ago, this building seemed so spacious. Every employee had plenty of floor space and there was space available for all the stuff you needed to run your business. Now, workers are crammed into tiny cubicles in your ever-shrinking office layout. Your warehouse space is overflowing too. It seems like every available inch of space is being used. But where did it all go?

high density storage shelving racks systems leed certification design

Records or Inventory Overflowing?

The fact is, that a couple of decades’ worth of files may be cluttering up your office space. You’ve been installing more cabinets in every available nook and cranny. In some storage closets, there are stacks of boxes filled with old files. Then, there’s the inventory you need to stay in business. That warehouse space doesn’t come cheap. You’ve tried using “lean” supply chain principles, but it’s not enough.

space saving mobile office filing system shelving leed certified solutionsA Money & Space Saving Solution

It’s time to reclaim the space you have so you can put it to more productive use. An ideal solution is one which consolidates your inventory or records and makes them easy to access. That’s where motorized compact mobile storage comes in. We offer customized space saving mobile storage shelving solutions! If you think about it, the walkways between rows of racks or shelves that give people  access are only useful when they are actually being used. The rest of the time, they are just taking up valuable real estate. What if you could make those walkways appear and disappear with the push of a button?  How much floor space could you save?

warehouse industrial space saving vertical storage solutionMotor Your Way to Greater Space Efficiency

With a high density motorized or hand powered shelving system, you can create an aisle where you need it, when you need it. The rest of the time, your racks/shelves are stored snuggly against one another on movable shelving tracks. Your new mobile compact storage system will accommodate up to twice the amount of inventory or files as your old storage system and will take up half of the space. You get to reclaim the extra floor space you were using for walkways between each rack. It’s up to you to decide what to do with all that additional room. Some customers use it for workforce expansion. Others decide to stop paying for off-site record storage and move everything in-house. Either way, you get more for your money for each square foot of floor space. A Win-Win!

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