In the competitive world of college athletics, the quality of a school’s facilities serves to reflect the quality of the teams and the university as a whole. Successful athletic programs know that functional isn’t enough anymore; a facility’s appearance is crucial both for maintaining player morale and for attracting new talent.

compact athletic equipment storage graphic wraps

And this isn’t just true for the stadiums, fields, and gyms. This principle extends even to your equipment storage. That’s right—even your storage has the potential to make a lasting impression on recruits and players.

So how can you ensure that your equipment storage makes a quality impression? It all comes down to choosing the right storage system. And countless of the most prominent Division I programs have already achieved this by choosing high-density shelving.

Both functional and visually appealing, high-density shelving is the perfect solution for elite athletic departments in need of space-saving equipment storage. Not only can you efficiently store and organize high volumes of equipment in these compact storage systems, but you can also customize them with graphic wraps to create a memorable and quality impression.

Graphic Wraps Take Your Storage to the Next Level

In addition to efficient organization, high-density equipment storage gives you a blank canvas where you can showcase school pride. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up.

graphic wraps high density athletic storage

Graphic wraps allow you to customize your high-density storage with team colors, logos, mascots, and even full murals. Adding a graphic wrap to your equipment storage is an excellent way to set your facility apart and show that your athletic program is top-notch. After all, a high-quality program deserves high-quality storage facilities. Which means that when prospective recruits see your equipment room, they’ll be left with an appealing impression of the program.

But the morale of your current athletes is just as important as attracting new talent. An unexceptional, disorganized storage facility causes frustration that leads to lack of motivation, which is detrimental to a team’s success. But upgrading to high-density shelving with graphic wraps will foster school pride and boosts athletes’ morale every time they walk in to retrieve equipment. And no program can be successful without motivated athletes.

Of course, universities aren’t the only application that can benefit from high-density shelving with graphic wraps. Several high school athletic departments have set themselves apart with this state-of-the-art storage solution, and military facilities also benefit from organized equipment storage with graphics that boost soldiers’ morale.

The Functional Side of High-Density Shelving

While appearance is crucial to making a quality impression with equipment storage, function is no less important. Fortunately, high-density shelving isn’t just a pretty face. It’s also highly practical.

High-density shelving units are mounted on mobile carriages which compact to eliminate all but a single movable aisle. By cutting out fixed aisles, they can save up to 50% of your floor space. For facilities short on storage space, these savings are critical.

Operating the storage system is easy and intuitive, using ergonomic rotating handles that can move multiple carriages at a time with minimal effort. Powered options are available as well. Learn more about how high-density shelving works here.

secure high density military storage

You can also customize your system to meet your unique storage requirements, whether storing helmets, hanging uniforms, shoulder pads, or any other kind of gear. This allows for optimal organization, which makes it easier for staff and players to retrieve equipment. This compact, organized storage will also give your equipment room a neat and polished appearance.

And for applications like military where security is a top priority, high-density shelving systems come with the option of added security features including roll-down tambour doors and PIN or badge access with audit tracking. This way, you never have to worry about pilferage or damage to your stored equipment.

Images of High-Density Shelving with Graphic Wraps

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