High Density Shelving and Vertical Carousel Cabinets for Paraffin Block and Glass Slide StorageParaffin Blocks in High Density Shelving

When patients have tissue removed at a hospital or outpatient surgery center, this tissue is sent to a pathology lab or histology lab for processing, examination, and diagnosis. During this phase, lab technicians need easy access to the tissue, which is stored in paraffin blocks or glass slides. The paraffin blocks and glass slides need to be kept on hand for testing, but they also need to be kept long term.

This causes issues because there are increasingly more paraffin embedded tissue samples to store with increasingly less space to store them in. So, wondering how to store paraffin blocks? We provide High Density Shelving and Vertical Carousel Cabinets for storing paraffin blocks and glass slides that will recover space and improve organization.

Saving Space Storing Paraffin Blocks in High Density Shelving

Paraffin Blocks stored in space saving High Density ShelvingEverything about the High Density Shelving is customized to leave no wasted space while storing paraffin blocks. High Density Shelving removes unnecessary access aisles and compacts to save storage space. To save even more space, the shelves are adjustable, which means the paraffin blocks stack together and fit perfectly. In addition, the shelving can extend all the way to the storage room ceiling to maximize every inch of available space. Pathology labs will be able to double their storage in the same amount of space and still have room for future growth.

Video Showing How Easy and Safe the High Density Shelving is to Operate

Storing Glass Slides in Vertical Carousel Cabinets Short-Term and Long-Term

Glass Slides stored in Vertical Carousel Cabinets

Storing specimens for a long time will affect their quality. To keep the specimen’s value longer, a proper temperature needs to be maintained. Most paraffin boxes can be stored at temperatures between 20°C to 27°C. While the tissue specimen is being tested and analyzed, they need to be easy to locate and retrieve while ensuring that proper temperatures are being maintained. We provide fixed shelving with drawers for short-term glass slide storage. The glass slides are arranged in trays that fit into the shelving drawers. This system keeps them easily accessible and organized without disrupting the temperature inside.

Once the tissue specimens are ready to be archived, the Histology Technician can remove the entire tray and transport it to the basement where the Vertical Carousel Cabinets are located. A Vertical Carousel Cabinet is a fully enclosed paraffin block storage cabinet system with rotating shelves that move up and down along guide tracking to deliver stored items to an ergonomic work counter.

Vertical Carousel Cabinets Benefits

The Vertical Carousel Cabinets offer many benefits for storing glass slides:Vertical Carousel Cabinets increase glass slide storage

  • Dramatically increase glass slide tissue specimen storage capacity
  • Store glass microscope slide in the same tray to prevent re-organizing them
  • Eliminate the need to bend over or stand on a ladder to retrieve stored tissue section specimens
  • Protect the tissue specimens from dust, dirt, and insects
  • Lock to keep microscope glass microscope slide safe and secure
  • Extend vertically to turn unused overhead space into productive storage space

Understanding Our Automated Storage System 

Automated inventory sorting simplifies the way packages or objects are stored, retrieved, and sorted in an inventory. Automated sorting uses appropriate mechanization to facilitate such a system.

Essentially, there is a designated place for the item’s entry and exit. When a lab technician places the item at the entry point and designates the storage location in the inventory, the machine picks and stores the item at the designated location. During this process, these machines spontaneously update the data on the number of products available in the tray. Whenever there is a need to retrieve the same item, the system will select the item, bring it back to the exit point, and update the availability count. Automated inventory sorting brings storing, sorting, retrieval, and tracking capability in a single system.

The sorting system uses a combination of robots, motors, and sensors to carry out the mechanical work. The software, on the contrary, will handle all the tracking and the task of actuating these hardware devices.

The primary objective of such a system is to reduce human effort in maintaining inventory and enhance tracking capabilities. Learn more about this type of system on our blog.

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