university library book storage

University libraries have the tremendous task of storing all these books, yet have limited funds to get it accomplished. Also, because we are now in the computer and digital technology age, students increasingly need new amenities to be added to the library: computer stations, study spaces, quiet rooms for group meetings, comfortable sofas, and makerspaces.

The Rise of Off-Site Book Storage Depositories

Because of these circumstances, libraries are being put in a very hard place: how do they store more books in less space? Increasingly universities are turning to off-site storage for materials that are valued but rarely used (archives).

In these off-site book depositories, the libraries can preserve these important materials long-term by controlling temperature, humidity, air exchange, and lighting. The problem arising now is that even these off-site storage facilities are becoming full.

The Challenge of Managing Capacity with Budget

What options do libraries have for storing these valuable but rarely used items? They can build more buildings, but that’s too expensive, or they can dispose of a large percentage of library materials, but that’s not desirable. The best option is to better use the current space they have available. How can they do that? The answer is with compact mobile high-bay shelving.

Extend Your Storage Vertically compact high-bay mobile shelving

Compact mobile high-bay shelving extends up to 35 feet in height. The individual shelving units roll on carriages to move together as compactly as possible. Even though the high-bay shelves are extremely tall, they are very simple to move. In fact you can open an aisle space with just the push of a button.

Compact mobile high-bay shelving is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly because its smaller building footprint conserves both space and energy. They are also customizable to meet your library’s unique storage needs.

Protecting Shelving Users and Contents

You might be worried about safety with such a big storage system, but there’s no need with all the safety features. The shelving has electronic systems to stop movement when a person enters an aisle. Also, the shelving is approved for fire safety by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). And finally, compact mobile high-bay shelving integrates with early fire suppression providing fast response to sprinklers to greatly minimize the risk of fires damaging valuable library collections.

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