high density storage pricingFor almost any business, investing in high-density storage solutions will save you space and money. But knowing how much space you need and how much it will cost has a specific formula behind it.

When preparing for your project, the first thing you should do is calculate how much floor space you have to use. The next is to decide on your budget for the project. These two pieces of information are key to a successful project.

Benefits of High-Density Storage Solutions

When it comes to versatile storage, there is no solution better than high-density. This type of shelving comes in a variety of standard and customized shapes and sizes and can store practically anything, from paper files to thousand-pound warehouse pallets.

This type of shelving is more efficient than static shelving by storing the same amount of items in half the space. When the shelving units are rolled together in the storage position, they eliminate unnecessary aisles, giving you more floor space to perform your tasks.

Types of High-Density Storage

high density square ft pricingThe term “high-density storage solutions” encompasses several types of storage. When determining how it can work for your business, you need to consider all of your options.

One of our most popular high-density mobile storage solutions is single-depth shelving. The design of this shelving replaces wasted static aisle space by being built on racks that allow you to slide the shelving together when not in use.

It is an ideal storage solution for businesses of all types, including commercial businesses, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and government buildings. High-density storage units are fitted with either a hand crank or a push-button to easily slide the shelving apart when you need to access a certain item.

A double depth type solution may work better for you. Also known as sliding mobile shelving, these units take up more space than a single-depth type solution and work best for small- to medium-sized installations. The most cost-effective of the various types, it improves the functionality of your business by reducing storage space, reducing new storage construction, and improving the flow of your materials by centralizing your storage.

high density warehouse storage priceCompact pallet racks, the third type of high-density storage, are used in warehouses when large heavy-duty storage is needed. This solution is also known as mobile pallet racking and mobilized warehouse racking.

Our customers have reported that this solution provides a high return on investment, typically paying for itself in two years or less. Installing a system of this kind eliminates the need for new storage construction and the downtime associated with a new construction project.

How to Calculate How Much Storage You Need

To determine how much storage you need, start by calculating your available floor space. Take into account ADA Accessibility Guidelines when doing this. For example, these guidelines require a minimum of five feet around any door, so make sure to deduct at least six feet to provide your storage carriage some space.high density shelving prices 

Next, make sure your storage carriages will have enough room by measuring your ceiling height. Keep in mind the code requirements for sprinkler heads here. Most codes require a minimum of 18” below a sprinkler head, so verify that your carriages have at least that much space between them and the ceiling.

After you determine how much space you need to stay compliant with code enforcement, calculate your cubic footage to determine how much floor space you have for your storage carriages. To calculate your cubic footage, follow this formula: 

Cubic footage = width x length x height

This will tell you which size storage solution you should be looking for.

Once you have your cubic footage, decide your system drive preference. Our systems come in two system drives—manual crank or push-button. With push-button storage, also consider the need for electricity to power your system.

Once you know how much floor space you have to work with, pick a system using these criteria:

  • Total width down to ?” increment
  • Depth or length dimension (6” increments are standard.)
  • Height dimension (1-½” increments are standard) including 60” and 66” high units

Determining High-Density Storage Pricing

high-density shelving storage priceMuch like your business, all high-density storage solutions are unique. Once you know how much storage space you have to work with, your next step in determining the price of your unit is to decide on which factors you want to include.

The system you choose depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Amount of shelving needed
  • System drive preference
  • Locking option
  • Which of the over 1,200 standard accessories you would like to add

As you can see, a lot goes into the final high-density shelving price.

How Southwest Solutions Group Can Help

At Southwest Solutions Group, we believe that experience is a competitive advantage. When it comes to determining important aspects of your project such as high-density storage pricing, experience makes all the difference.

Our planning and design team has worked on thousands of projects involving high-density storage, and they have the formula down to a science. You can trust that our team will keep your project on track and on budget.

If you’re thinking of installing high-density storage shelving in your business or warehouse, reach out to schedule a consultation. We will break down all of your options to ensure that you get exactly what you need to make your workspace more efficient, productive, and safe.