High Density Mobile Shelving Compresses Library Storage Floorspacehigh density mobile storage shelving increases storage capacity

Southwest Solutions Group’s healthcare storage professional, Justin Story, just finished a project installing a Spacesaver® high density mobile shelving system for a local Little Rock Medical Library. The high density mobile shelving compresses library storage floorspace by reducing the number of static access aisles with moveable access aisles within the library storage floorspace area to maximize space. Fully loaded 12′ long back to back shelving rows moves easily by rotating control handles on the high density mobile shelving row ends to access stored materials. Here is what the medical library had to say about the high density mobile shelving and our services,

“We are surprised at the increased storage capacity and ease of use of our new High Density Mobile Shelving in the Medical Laboratory Library. Thanks for your services.”

For us there is no greater joy than to be able to help our customers save storage floorspace with innovative high density mobile shelving. Our customers are very valuable to us and we want them to know we appreciate them too! Thank you for letting us be part of your library storage project!

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