Typically a Silver LEED certification costs approximately 2-6% more during initial construction, but the long term operating costs of the building are a lot less for the tenant.    One missing link is that you can reduce the overall size of the building if you utilized compact, high density, compressed shelving or files.   The world leader, Spacesaver has a proven track record of projects where the size of the building was decreased and construction costs per less with the use of Spacesaver solutions.   The key is to have your architect design Spacesaver solutions within in your building in any and all places possible, and remind them that you want the building footprint to become smaller based upon the space savings by utilizing compact storage solutions.    These systems were once only used for files and books, but now they are being utilized for any size items from as small as a microchip to as large as an aircraft engine.   By shrinking the footprint of the building you save on construction costs and have better energy conservation because you are heating, cooling, and lighting less floor space.   On a recent project Spacesaver solutions were implemented in a building at an initial investment of $1.8 million, but the saved $6 million in construction costs and the building was designed 30,000 square feet smaller because of there use.   The long term energy conservation of not having to heat and cool 30,000 square feet of wasted floor space is drastic when it comes to a monthly energy bill.   Green design is cost effective and would actually cost less when you implement space efficient storage solutions that can reduce initial construction costs and that lower energy consumption.    This concept also works when you are getting ready to lease or rent new space, because it allows you to reduce the cubic volume of office space you will need.   The last issue that is critical is that of structural floor loading.    Spacesaver has designed a system that has worked in 70 lbs. per square foot buildings, and on most projects we can eliminate the need to reinforce floors (2nd floor and above) in existing construction.    Ask about the new structural rails systems that are now available and designed by an engineer.   E-mail us direct at [email protected] for additional information.