creative-classroom-storage-ideasSchools often have limited space and little funding to expand their classrooms, which are only getting smaller as the number of students increases. Education professionals, then, need to make the most of the space they already have. Here are a few classroom organization ideas  you can use to save space and improve the look and organization of your school classroom, supply room, or science lab.

Classroom Mobile Shelving

For general supply shelving such as textbooks, art supplies, pens and pencils, task cards, athletic gear, library books, sheet music, and more, mobile shelving is the perfect solution. Classrooms, textbook rooms, and other storage areas in schools are often filled to capacity, but you can easily reduce the amount of floor space you use by getting rid of aisles between rows of classroom shelving. This way, you can use only the space you need, when you need it.

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Classroom & Science Lab Modular Casework

classroom-school-storage-ideasWhen it comes to organized classroom furniture, schools need affordable and functional solutions to help with classroom management. Casework provides a solid solution and a fast return on investment that guarantees years of use. Since educational environments are always changing, you can also relocate or reconfigure the casework at any time. This is due to its modular components, which allow hassle-free installation that requires no building modifications. With a variety of finishes and configurations you can design yourself, modular shelving or casework is perfect for science labs, computer and technology labs, music rooms, libraries, staff areas, art rooms, and much more.

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Smart Lockers

Handling mail for university students on campus takes up a significant amount of time and resources. Between classes, holiday rushes, and limited storage space, there are many opportunities for packages to get misplaced, damaged, or stolen. Smart lockers provide a convenient way for students to retrieve their mail at any time and without time-consuming manual management. When a package is delivered, the system notifies the student via text or email for them to pick up at any time of day or night. Meanwhile, the delivery is securely stored in its own locker that can only be accessed by the student.

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RFID Lockers for Tablets and Laptops

Backpack and tablet lockers are ideal for short-term classroom use. Each storage unit has electronic charging power and key-less storage lock access to secure student belongings. Its durable design reinforces the system’s ability to withstand wear and tear from any application, not only schools.

The channels have punch-outs for electrical outlets that permit users to charge anything from tablets to mobile phones and laptops. Its top-shelf features vented sides, which allow a steady stream of air to flow through the cooling compartment so devices don’t become overheated. Programmable locks regulate access using a simple PIN specific to the user. These backpack and tablet lockers ensure safe accommodation for these possessions for your students.

Sliding Bi-File Shelving

The sliding classroom shelving unit and racks mount on platforms that glide shelves back and forth on tracks to create a movable access aisle for your administrative staff to store and retrieve office supplies, boxes, and files. The shelves stack one in front of the other to reduce your file/storage area by 50% compared to static shelving and lateral file cabinets. The sliding shelves are an easy way to organize and centralize your school file or storage area, increasing productivity in your office since teachers no longer waste time searching for the needed items.

The heavy-duty steel construction of the shelves offers more storage flexibility that uses less space with faster accessibility to stored materials, personal belongings, and classroom essentials. Sliding shelving is also less expensive than lateral filing and storage cabinets, with a quicker return on investment.

Rotary Cabinets

Our rotary cabinets pivot and spin to maximize the use of your storage floor space on campus. The purpose of these rotary cabinets is to store files, binders, classroom supplies like pencils and task cards, parts, boxes, and computer media all in one space-saving cabinet. Rotary cabinets are double-banked pivoting cabinets for faster access and more capacity. Rotary cabinets have flexible and adjustable interiors capable of storing top tab files, side tab files, forms, literature, binder, boxes, supplies, and computer media.

Rotary cabinets can merge items from file cabinets, storage cabinets, and computer media storage into one centralized cabinet. Centralizing storage of various media makes information easier to find and closer to the point of use. The rotary storage units and filing cabinets are genuine multimedia storage cabinets designed to meet your current school needs and flexible enough to meet your future classroom requirements.

Wire Racks and Storage Bins

Book bins with adjustable wire racks on wheels work as rolling storage shelf carts provide efficient space to organize bulky classroom supplies. Teachers have access to stored various classroom materials and can use the free floor space to accommodate other productive activities within the classroom. The static storage option provides the same benefits but does not include optional casters, which allow space-saving system relocation. Using this storage solution, teachers and admin staff have better access to school supplies, increasing productivity.

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