Wheelhouse compact files shelving high density racks Wheelhouse sliding rolling files shelving

Wheelhouse side to side sliding, rolling, compacting, condensed, aisle saver, file bins, shelving, racks, and cabinets. You crank the handle to slide the rack over to access the floating aisle. This eliminates the need to have wasted aisles that are just air space. A Wheelhouse shelving system eliminates the aisles and turns that space into cubic storage. These moving shelving mobile storage systems cost less than file cabinets per linear ft. of storage and allow you to store three times the capacity in the same floor space. What could that mean for a business? You could take three storage or file rooms and with condensed shelving you could compact that same material into one file room. You could eliminate off site storage, because you now can store more stuff in the same room you already have. If you are renting a new location, then you could rent or lease less floor space and save on operating costs. If you are are building a new building, then you could shrink the size of the building and lower the construction costs of the new building. The bonus on top of all this is that smaller buildings use less energy, so you will also have a smaller electric bill on a monthly basis. On one project alone we saved a client 30,000 sq. ft. of construction costs which was over $6 million savings. With the world struggling to lower costs and save energy it makes sense to utilize high density shelving and files into any building that is currently planned to have over 10 lateral filing cabinets. You save money and space. We currently serve Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee and we are growing fast. You should really consider Wheelhouse shelving systems. We can hold anything from a microchip to an aircraft engine in size. For more information e-mail us at [email protected]. We have offices in Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock, and Memphis. Check out our website at www.southwestsolutions.com and at www.hdfiles.com