Elementary School’s Textbook Storage Problem Fixed with a Compact Mobile Shelving System

One of Southwest Solutions Group’s compact mobile shelving system experts, Ron Kidwell, worked with Walnut Grove Elementary School to design and install a compact mobile shelving system for textbook storage. The new textbook shelving system will allow the school to store their books in less than half the space normally used. The compact mobile shelving system, manufactured by Spacesaver®, glides on floor tracks to compact the textbook storage into less space. Several 9′-6″ rows of textbooks can be easily moved at one time by turning a three spoke hand crank control. The metal textbook storage openings are easy to adjust if their needs should change in the future.

drawing of the compact mobile shelving system for textbook storage

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Here is what the Walnut Grove personnel said about their new compact mobile shelving system,

“The moveable compact textbook shelving is very attractive and glides very smoothly on the tracks. Thank you for your courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt service and communication.”

We aim to provide excellent services and efficient storage solutions to maximize schools’ textbook storage rooms floor space. We are thrilled that the new compact mobile shelving system solves their textbook storage problem and want to say, thank you Walnut Grove Elementary School!

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