How People are Using LibrariesCompact Mobile Shelving saves library floor space

I recently came across two very interesting infographics about how people and students are using libraries. The first one brings up the technology trend that is happening in libraries all over the country. The second one explains how college campuses are failing to meet their student’s space needs. What they both boil down to is that there is a change happening in the way people use libraries. They are no longer just there to read and check out books; people want access to computers and professional services or places to study and work on group projects.

But with limited budgets, libraries aren’t able to expand and are finding it challenging to reconfigure their existing space to meet all of these demands. So how can they solve their space problem? We have an answer: Compact Mobile Shelving. (view images of Compact Mobile Shelving for libraries)

Saving and Creating Space with Compact Mobile Shelving and Architectural Walls

Compact Mobile Shelving for Storing Library BooksWith Compact Mobile Shelving, libraries can efficiently store books, journals, magazine, periodicals, and more in way less space than traditional static shelving. Mobile Shelving takes static shelves and puts them on tracks so that the shelves compact together. To access material, all you have to do is turn a handle or push a button to create an aisle. It’s possible to recoup over 50% of your book storage space with Compact Mobile Shelving.

Now, in the space libraries will be able to add those features that their customers want. The library can use Architectural Walls and create small rooms where students can get together and work on group projects. Or the library can use the space for private job counseling rooms where people can get help applying for jobs. And by using Architectural Walls in conjunction with the Mobile Shelving, the library can easily adapt to any changes because Architectural Walls are modular and easy to reconfigure.

Contact Us for Compact Mobile Shelving to Solve Your Library’s Space Problem

We have many different products and solutions for how you can solve the space problem at your library. For more information on Compact Mobile Shelving and Architectural Walls, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message. We will put you in touch with the library specialist in your area.

Also, if you are going to be at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference this year in Fort Worth, please feel free to visit us at booth 2225!

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