Condensed for Motorcycles and Parts Storage

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Storage Spacesaver ActivRacWhether you have a motorcycle dealership, motorcycle storage warehouse, or a motorcycle archive collection, storing motorcycles and parts can be challenging because they aren’t all the same size, and they don’t fit in a neat little box. You need a heavy duty system that can store a range of sizes and types of motorcycles and parts. You also need a storage system that maximizes storage capacity while preserving valuable floor space. Motorized compact pallet racks meet all of these requirements and keep your storage area efficient and organized.

Compact High Density Pallet Racks Condenses Storage to Save Floor SpaceEfficient motorcycle storage Compact mobilized high density racks

Traditional stationary pallet rack storage areas require up to 60% of the floor space be devoted to access aisles. Compact mobilized high density racks convert these static access aisles into productive storage space. How this works is compact pallet racks take stationary pallet racks and mount them onto wheeled carriages that roll on floor tracks. The storage system creates a movable aisle(s) based on your activity level. With the compact high density pallet racks you can double your motorcycle storage capacity or use the extra floor space for a staging area or production line. (click here to view compact pallet rack videos)

Compact High Density Pallet Racks Provide a Quick Return on Investment

Motorized compact Harley Davidson Motorcycle pallet rack storage systemsIf you are storing motorcycles and trying to preserve them from harsh weather elements, then your overhead costs on your storage space can be expensive. Climate control is not cheap. Now imagine if you had to expand your building to store more motorcycles, well with a motorized compact pallet rack system you don’t have to worry about paying for the building expansion and new climate controls, which saves on your operating costs and provides an immediate return on investment. (click here to view mobile pallet rack photo gallery)

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