New Armory Storage System for Air Force Base Saves Space and Monitors Inventory

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Southwest Solutions Group’s military storage expert, Aaron Reynolds, recently completed a project on a GSA schedule designing and installing a new armory storage system for Whiteman Air Force Base. The new High Density Shelving houses all their weapons in less floor space and includes software technology that lets the Air Force monitor their inventory more efficiently. (View before and after pictures of the armory storage system)

High Density Shelving for Armory Storage is an Efficient Weapon Storage System

Previously, the Air Force Base’s armory storage space was filled with large enclosed cases containing weapons that were stacked on top of each other. To perform inventory counts required personnel to retrieve and open individual weapon cases. This was an extremely time consuming method to manage their inventory because they had about 3,500 weapons stored within the cases.

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Aaron was able to provide the Air Force Base with a space and personnel efficient solution using High Density Shelving specially designed for armories. The high density shelving purchased on GSA Schedule uses the state of the art Zero Force Senor® safety devices, and software technology that will assist personnel with inventory audits. The High Density Shelving is equipped with technology that monitors who was in the system, when they accessed the shelving, and how long they were in the high density shelving (read more about armory storage systems and weapons tracking). Weapons are no longer closed off, so military personnel can complete their audits in much less time (watch armory storage and weapon tracking video).

An added benefit of the new armory storage system was the amount of floor space the Air Force Base was able to save. They were able to store all of their weapons in the High Density Shelving in 50% less space than before.

Here is what Whiteman Air Force Base had to say about their new armory storage system and our services,

“The installation of the mobility weapon storage system went great. Your installation team did an outstanding job. Thanks for all the hard work; it’s been a pleasure working with Southwest Solutions Group.”

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We are thrilled to have been able to provide a storage solution that will help Whiteman Air Force Base manage their weapon inventory in less space!

Designing and Installing Air Force and Military Armory Storage Solutions on a GSA Schedule

Southwest Solutions Group® represents numerous Federal Supply GSA Schedule contracts including SDV contracts, SBA contracts, & Alaska Native 8(a) vehicles to provide weapon and armory storage solutions to Air Force and Military Bases throughout the United States. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email to find out more about High Density Shelving for armory storage on a GSA Schedule (visit our military solutions home page).

Before and After Pictures of the High Density Shelving Armory Storage System

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